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These Are The Top Five PS3 Exclusives

by Joseph Garrett on July 11th, 2011, under PS3, Sony, Top 5, Video Thirst

The Playstaion 3 has an impressive lineup of exclusive titles. This is great for Playstaion 3 owners but made my life extremely difficult when I had to pick just 5 to include is this weeks top 5. I managed it though, so here is Games Thirst’s top 5 Playstation 3 exclusive games.

David Cage – L.A. Noire Tech A “Dead End”, Quantic Dream Leads The Way

by Ernice Gilbert on April 1st, 2011, under Development, Hot, News

David Cage’s latest game Heavy Rain has seen massive success on Sony’s console, selling well past 2 million units and looking to top 3 million in its lifetime. Since that occurrence, the Quantic Dream boss has been talking quite a lot, but his latest comments have gotten the attention of many Team Bondi fans when he said the specially-developed Motion Scan technology employed by the studio is a “dead end”, and that his studio’s own technology is ahead.

72 Percent Of Heavy Rain Players Completed The Game

by Ernice Gilbert on March 3rd, 2011, under GDC, News, Quantic Dreams, Sony

For a game so complexed and out of the norm, Heavy Rain proved to be a big hit amongst its owners, as a respectable 72percent of them completed the game. It’s a great percent, actually, something Guerrilla Games would’ve loved to be able to boast for Killzone 2. Furthermore, with the industry’s completion rate being a depressing 20-25 percent, Heavy Rain is in a class all its own.

Video Thirst: Heavy Rain Turned Into 3hr Movie, We Pop Corn

by Ernice Gilbert on February 24th, 2011, under David Cage, Hot, News, Quantic Dreams

So you’ve played Heavy Rain and enjoyed it fully. But you just couldn’t get around to playing it again because you lacked the drive. Yet, like a child wanting mammy to tell a bed time story, you dream of the day Sony would turn the full thing into a movie.

Your dream, my friend, has just come to pass.

Cliffy B: Heavy Rain Could Have Been Marketed To Women

by Ernice Gilbert on November 5th, 2010, under Hot, News, Sony

Women are scarcely found playing videogames, and Epic Games Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski has said in a recent talk on Irrational Games podcast, that Sony missed a big opportunity with Heavy Rain, in that the giant could have marketed the game to, wait for it, women.

Would my wife really get into Heavy Rain? I dunno man. I just don’t know.

Heavy Rain Move Edition Coming To Europe, Demo Coming This Week

by Ernice Gilbert on September 13th, 2010, under Hot, News, Quantic Dream, Sony

Heavy Rain Move Edition will hit European store shelves in October according to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (via the EU PS Blog).

Quantic Dream Wants A Piece Of The Xbox 360′s Market Share

by Ernice Gilbert on September 9th, 2010, under News, Quantic Dream

Heavy Rain has seen much success as a PS3 exclusive. Although its developer, Quantic Dream didn’t expect the title to pass the 1 million sold mark, it’s done 1.5 million in just a few months and many expect the game to move well past 3 – 4 million lifetime sales.

This occurrence has boosted the founder of Quantic Dream, David Cage’s confidence to high levels, and recently he’s been thinking of making the studio’s next title a multiplatform effort.

For David Cage, “Content Is Key To Everything”

by Ernice Gilbert on September 2nd, 2010, under Hot, News, Quantic Dream, Sony

After it was made known that Heavy Rain had sold over 1.5 million copies just a few months after being released, Quantic Dream boss, David Cage had become more of an important voice in the gaming industry. Not that he wasn’t already, but when you’ve created a new IP that has created a new genre of games, one that many thought would fail but yet managed to garner widespread critical success and blow away all expectations at retail, people start to listen more intently to what you’re saying.

Cage was speaking recently about the advent of motion gaming, and what he thinks about the incessant drive in that direction by the companies. To him, it’s not a bad thing, but if content is not created to keep the right people interested, it’ll eventually fall apart.

For him, “content is key to everything.”

For Sony, New IPs Define Its Success

by Ernice Gilbert on August 28th, 2010, under Hot, News, Sony

We’re having this conversation even now. How important are exclusive, new IPs to the success of a console?

For Sony, it’s the way to go, a way that will lead the giant on a level all its own.

Heavy Rain Sells Heavy: 1.5 Million Copies Since Launch

by Ernice Gilbert on August 16th, 2010, under Hot, News, Quantic Dream, Sony

Many doubted whether Heavy Rain would even make back the $20 million Sony spent to develop it.

I guess those doubters are hiding their faces now; because according to Quantic Dream founder, David Cage, Heavy Rain will “sell 2m units before the year is up”.

Sony 1st Party Studios Continue To Lead The Way

by Ernice Gilbert on July 6th, 2010, under News, Sony

When something is good, say it’s good. “If you like it say you like it”, are the lyrics to a popular song from a band named WCK. And it’s true. Why do people give flowers to the dead is beyond me; those flowers should be given to loved ones while they’re alive and can actually smell the thing. Because when you’re dead, believe me, you won’t have time to smell flowers. Is either you’re up with the savior or down with the heat. Enough of that.

Same thing with game developers. We don’t applaud them enough in my opinion, the games we enjoy took long years to develop. And never let anyone fool you into believing that games development is an easy thing, because they’re not. You want easy then go to a movie set in Hollywood, but if you want intricacy and painstaking, tedious work, welcome to the games development business.

Industry Shame: Blacks Portrayed Mostly As “Gang Members” In Games

by Ernice Gilbert on June 7th, 2010, under industry news, News

The black race, a very intelligent one, has seen many hardships over the years. But as time progressed and people changed, things started becoming better.

Don’t get me wrong, the hardships of brutality that the race suffered from American hands were downright atrocious, but the past, although never forgotten, must be left behind if we’re to move forward in this great country and in the world.

Yes, we’re long past the distresses of slavery and the separation of the ’60s, but in many segments of society, stereotyping is still prevalent. The gaming industry is one of them.

Cliffy B: The Children In Heavy Rain Are “The Most Hideous. Ever.”

by Ernice Gilbert on May 28th, 2010, under News

Cliff Bleszinski has said time and time again that he really loves Heavy Rain. The developer has gone as far as to say “[Heavy Rain] has created a new genre.” But there are certain elements in the game he thinks could have been down better.

Especially the way the children in the game act, according to Bleszinski, David Cage and his Quantic Dream team didn’t do enough to avoid the “uncanny valley”.

Heavy Rain on PC ? What?!

by Fernando on May 28th, 2010, under Playstation 3, Quantic Dreams, Rumor

Quantic Dreams’s latest piece of interactive story telling, Heavy Rain, might be coming to a computer near you according to Nvidia. The prestigious graphics card manufacturer lists Heavy Rain as on of the upcoming games that can take advantage of their graphic cards’ PhysX GPU-acceleration features.

Heavy Rain Movie? Yes Indeed

by Ernice Gilbert on May 20th, 2010, under News

You enjoyed the game which, many would argue, was basically an interactive movie. So I’m almost certain that fans of the critically acclaimed title will support the movie, pending it’s done correctly.