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Games Thirst Review: Limbo – Some Games Are Simply Must-Buys

What do you do when the gaming season gets slow? You go back to playing some of your favorite titles until another blockbuster comes along. Think games like Uncharted 2 on PS3, and Gears of War, Halo: Reach on Xbox 360. July is one of those months where there’s nothing really “amazing” to play….Oh but wait! have you tried Limbo? If not, you’ll want to put down the aforementioned games and give it a look.

So in Limbo, you’re kid who finds out your sister’s missing, and immediately set out on a journey to find her, prompting a rather mind-testing adventure. The 2D action starts out simple but throughout the game you’re faced with challenging puzzles that’ll play with your mind for a while, but when you finally are able to solve it, nothing feels more rewarding.

That’s the main theme of Limbo, then: puzzles. To advance you must be able to solve them. Traps are set and there are seemingly no way to get through a stage, but when you look closer and try harder, you’ll find that there’s indeed a way out, and will come to appreciate the creativity Play Dead, the game’s developer, has placed into making it as challenging as possible.

What Quenched My Thirst

There are many things to love in Limbo. Firstly, the game’s fun, no doubt about it. It’s also simple black and white (no amazing visuals here) – but that’s why it’s so much fun! Gone are the arguments of how beautiful this looks and how detailed that is, in Limbo, you go through the entire game in black and white, and instead all of your focus is dead set on trying to find your sister.

Limbo’s also very much a tester throughout. Mind you, there are times when you’ll become extremely frustrated with it, because of the seeming impossibility to get through a level, but the more play, the easier it becomes to appreciate Limbo for what it is.

I also love the puzzles. It’s different, trials you’ve never experienced in gaming before. There are giant spiders that try to trick you and will snatch your life away if you’re not careful. There are also machines that rage against your infant mind with what seems as a big ball of confusion at first, but at a closer glance, are no more than intimidating setups. Again, Play Dead has proven to be excellent at creating puzzles that will affirm my stance that there’s nothing else like it on the market.

What Left A Bitter Thirst

Not many things left me bitter, but I must say there were times while playing when I literally wanted to fling the Dual Shock into my Bravia. Hated not being able to get through certain levels because of seeming impossibility. Limbo will do that. But hey, that’s what a challenge is all about, right? I also found the puzzles to be a bit unbalanced at times. There are some early stages that are really difficult, and mid-way through the game, things get a bit easy. Not well balanced. Furthermore, in the beginning, the challenges were absolutely fun. You’d have to best giant spiders, little kids sending harmful things your way, but later on it became mostly about solving puzzles. I really wish they’d added in more of the former.

Don’t be mistaken, however, Limbo is way more fun that it’s frustrating, so do not let these trivial frustrations stop you from enjoying it. Indeed, they won’t.


Limbo is one of those games that’ll drag you in, and keep you thinking about it even when you’ve turned your console off. It’ll make you feel smart and sometimes stupid. It’s cute, savvy, engaging and though testing, Limbo is fun. Above all, in the midst of this gaming drought, Limbo is the appetizer you’ll want to eat while waiting on that big meal, and the dessert enjoyed thereafter. Limbo is in many ways a must-buy downloadable, I recommend you get it as soon as possible.


Published by: PlayDead
Developed by: PlayDead
Genre: Puzzle
Number of Players: 1
Release Date:
US: July 21, 2010

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  • nick

    splosion and ms splosion man have been keeping me away from this, im finally onto the 3rd world now so hopefully once thats done i can get started on limbo.
    stupid me spent like 100 bucks when i first got my 360 on XBLA games and i have not touched any of them!
    favorite so far has gotta be the dishwasher vampire smile.
    such a sadistic twisted game!
    if i had a nickle for every time that game made me say what the ……. id be a, well, you get the drift by now……

  • http://www.gamesthirst.com Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah. Make sure you get into Limbo. It’s def worth it.

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