Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Are They Not Beautiful? These New NGP Images?

I love beautiful women. I think my wife’s the hottest thing since the baking of bread. I also love tech that looks sexy. I mean, I’ll buy a computer with lesser specs compared to another just because the darn thing looks clean, neat….sexy. And now, like a child receiving allowance from his parent for the first time, I’m left giddy ... Read More »


You know a child’s special as soon as it starts growing, and the more you see that baby, the more optimistic you become. “She’s a prodigy!”, you yell with joy sending tears to your eyes, “Hollywood here we come!”. For NGP though, the scream will sound more like “Finally, Sony gets PSP right!” I could hear it now. The media ... Read More »

72 Percent Of Heavy Rain Players Completed The Game

For a game so complexed and out of the norm, Heavy Rain proved to be a big hit amongst its owners, as a respectable 72percent of them completed the game. It’s a great percent, actually, something Guerrilla Games would’ve loved to be able to boast for Killzone 2. Furthermore, with the industry’s completion rate being a depressing 20-25 percent, Heavy ... Read More »