Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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  • os1019

    Ironic this happens to the camp that was preaching the whole always on/connected spiel. I was able to log in and play last night. I have not tried to log in today. It was no deal on Saturday which led me to going outside and having a blast especially since the sun decided to make a rare appearance.

  • BlubberBoy123

    Still cant log on :(

  • ahotelsupernova

    Its been kicking me off every half hour or so all day today

  • Emma

    Can’t create a new account as it says my email or password are wrong! Funny just made the account so how can my details be wrong and on top of that says I can’t recover my other account cause it’s down. Can’t download it. Tried transferring it using a memory card and again said my password wrong. Logged on to Xbox live and windows live via PC and both let me log in NO problems. this can only mean it’s an Xbox 360 issue with their server. Nothing has worked and so I will have to stick with the gamertag account I have on the Xbox it was created on as that’s the only thing working.

  • aaa

    Microsoft suck balls!!! All because of the xbox one scare they have to go and change shit around to make it worse screw xbox

  • sarahb44

    Got kicked off live on all my accounts and can’t even sign on to xbox online on computer.. hmm…

  • Adrian

    So, other people are suffering…. hmmmm….

  • Adrian

    I can’t log in to xbox live, wonder why….

  • Ivan D. Krizanac

    yeah, and i’m getting the ps4, because i’m sick of this crap.

  • jacob

    yeah i know when ever i try to sign in about a min later it say disconnected from messenger and xbox live

  • jacob



    im not having any problems signing in on live :)

  • Desimus81

    I’m having many problems, that’s why I am making the switch to Playstation. Permanently! Microsoft has been going down hill for years now and the paying customers are the one’s who suffer. They don’t seem to care too much. At least it seems that way.

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