Friday, January 2, 2015
Red Dead Redemption 2 Confirmed

Red Dead Redemption 2 Confirmed

Rockstar says stay tuned for Red Dead Redemption news coming soon.

Thanks to a new Rockstar Q&A session, we can now safely say that Red Dead Redemption 2 is most likely under development, and will probably hit next generation consoles.

When a fan asked: “All I wanna know is is there goin to be a new Red Dead game any time soon?”

The developer replied:

We love Red Dead too – and are thrilled that so many of you loved John Marston’s tale and are excited for more epic Western action.

As we mentioned in our last set of Asked & Answereds to similar questions about the future of other game franchises like Bully and L.A. Noire, we don’t always rush to make sequels but that does not mean that we won’t get to them eventually.

Stay tuned for further announcements about the future of the Red Dead series.


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    Dopeness!! Can’t wait for that

  • Ghost250

    this, just made my day

  • nick

    pretty obvious.
    as cliffy b said when your selling millions of units on a franchise you dont go end it.
    been 3 years almost since it released, and the studio has not announced a new game since it released so maybe this will be a launch title?
    either that, or i wouldent be surprised if there tasked with bringing GTAV to next gen systems letting north focus on current systems.
    id prefer that, GTA would make a better more grand launch title!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Launch title for next gen? Dude, bring it my way!!!

  • benzo

    I WANT!!!!

  • Rose Kruger

    I hope they add some different animals to hunt, like it takes a while to find them because they are rare, like a werewolf would be awesome(like the myth that there is one in tall trees at the moment) and the loch-ness monster. I wish they would add them, just for special missions or something . . .

  • Wooga

    Chupacabra and Bigfoot are in the Undead Nightmare expansion.

  • Mikael G

    Please do not have Jack Marston as the main charecter!

  • Pack23Life

    wouldnt mind the next character being Jack Marston, but truthfully as long as it is along the lines of the 1st one gameplay n all that im good. I’m a big GTA fan but grew up watchin Clint Eastwood n John Wayne western movies. Red Dead kinda reminds me of the Eastwood style of movies, GTA meets the West what more could you ask for?

  • TheRush

    Actually this is going to be Red Dead 3.The first being Red Dead Revolver for Ps2 and Xbox.Sadly not many fans know about it even existing.

  • AstroKat

    I played so much red dead revolver when I was younger, it’s a shame how many people have played it, love it just as much as redemption

  • Ivan Carlos A N

    The next RDR must be a MMORPG, Shooter and construction of cities.

  • sk


  • Ghost250

    umm no thats srupid

  • JackSwift

    um no its not

  • Ghost250

    um yes it is moron.

  • ernicegilbert

    Yes it is.

  • rockstar fan

    I like how rockstar doesn’t rush things up when it comes to sequels of games. They really get that people who wanted a sequel of a game, also wanted to be as good as the first one.

  • Michael S

    It could be Jack Marston just a different voice actor

  • crogers

    You can also hunt down or tame a unicorn. It has rainbows as it runs. Frickin hilarious.

  • harrs

    I don’t get how the title can say “confirmed” if the article says “most likely under development”…. Regardless I’d love to see a second one, that game deserves all the high ratings it got

  • diseased racoon

    Maybe they’ll do a prequel dating back to John Marston’s life as an outlaw. Possibly calling it ‘Red Dead Recollection’ or some shit like that. It’ll be that OR Rockstar will do what they normally do and have a new character with a new story.

  • jonnyohio

    Well I have the original on my xbox 360, and it is actually the only game I have on that thing. It’s a great game. But I sure has hell am not buying a whole new console for one game when I have a perfectly good gaming PC sitting here. Just sayin.

  • winkywillard

    Why a pre? There was a whole bunch of people there who shot John, If I was Jack I would want revenge on every single one who put a bullet in him. It could be set a few years after 1914, turn of the 20s with all these new inventions, horses giving way to cars, motorcycles, lorries, biplanes. Six shooters giving way to tommy guns, granades, flame throwers. All very Bonnie and Clyde, Hists, bootleggin, hijacking lorries. Im talking a very early GTA in a blossoming America. Jack trailing a path to find every soldior, law enforcement officer or politition who had anything to do with Johns death, from those who pulled the trigger to those who signed the order. To make them pay for the ranch, family and future he lost. Red Dead Vengance. The end

  • DoucheDick

    That would be GTA sir, we want another red dead redemption with horses, yeah cars would be cool but not if they dominated transportation

  • DoucheDick

    Yeah Ive got a great idea guys, lets take Red Dead Redemption, and then make it not Red Dead Redemption….:)

  • Angelica

    http:// – Finally you can play the game on pc! :D

  • Tjenia

    I played it on xbox but its waay better on PC now :)

  • Ryanj2151

    I don’t get why people want pc versions of games it’s harder to control and the only reason I can of is to download mods

  • mamba24kc

    I thought they should do a prequel with john marston in dutch’s gang showing how he & the gang went their separate ways then culminating with the fbi coming 2 get marston then cutting 2 the opening of red dead redemption

  • friv 2 friv 3 friv 4

    That would be GTA sir, we want another red dead redemption with horses,
    yeah cars would be cool but not if they dominated transportation

  • Friv

    very good

  • coty

    I was thinking the same exact thing that it would be cool to see a sequel where john was an outlaw before the original…

  • steven

    um yes it is

  • Moo?

    Correction: Red Dead 3