Saturday, December 6, 2014
PS3 Cannot Start, The Appropriate Storage Was Not Found (Update) — Solution Found

PS3 Cannot Start, The Appropriate Storage Was Not Found (Update) — Solution Found

Update: After doing some extensive research, I found a solution to the problem, and since some of you have been asking about it, here’s how to fix this particular issue:

Note: For full context of this update, please read the original story.

First, start by downloading PS3’s latest firmware update to a thumbdrive, then save that update in a “PS3″ folder in the thumbdrive by inserting it into a PC. The next step is to create a folder within the PS3 folder called “UPDATE”, then transfer the downloaded firmware update to the “UPDATE” subfolder found within the “PS3″ folder.


From there, place the thumbdrive into the console’s USB port, press start and select together for five seconds, wait for a few prompts and the process will begin. Follow directives from there, it should be smooth sailing. Let me know if you find success!

Original Story: About 2:00 pm in the afternoon, I turned on my PS3. I wasn’t about to play games, I simply wanted to search for a particular movie on Netflix so I could watch it later. When I booted the Netflix app, everything seemed to work just fine, however after a while I realized that my console froze. It would not turn off the preferred way, via the PS button on the DualShock 3. It also did not respond when I pressed the power button, so I pulled out the power cord.I turned on the PS3 again, it asked that I send data over to Sony so they could better handle like issues, but my patience wouldn’t allow me to. I ignored it and went straight into PSN – and into Netflix again – hoping that the glitch was a rarity. Well, it happened again and I followed the same steps one more time… only this time, the console didn’t even make it to the PSN screen. It read:

PS3 cannot start, the appropriate storage was not found.

Not knowing what the hell that meant I did some digging online.  Apparently something happened to my PS3’s hard drive, and the only advice I got was to take it out, clean it up, let it rest out for a bit, place it gently back in and the PS3 would work. It did not. My only other option, according to various forum threads, was to directly contact Sony, or simply buy a new hard drive on Ebay. I’m not sure what to do just yet.

So I’ll not be gaming for a bit, a bummer because Wolf and I planned a few rounds in Killzone 3 and Battlefield 3. Shame because it’s my wife’s preferred device to watch Netflix, and just a darn shame because, well, my console’s dead.

PS3 cannot start, the appropriate storage was not found.

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  • Hailceaser

    hmm, you could try the ps3’s error checker (i’m pretty sure that it has a better name but i can’t think of it right now). i know that there is a way to access it, it started on mine when i started up my ps3 after a power outage. it checks that hard drive and makes sure that things are ok. A playstation 3 equivalent to scandisk. other than that, taking the hard drive to a computer store they might be able to copy the data onto a newer one.

  • Benzo

    Wish I had something you can try to fix the ps3…I’m sorry sir.

  • ernicegilbert

    Yeah man thanks. I’m contacting Sony soon. If that doesn’t work, I’ll probably need to buy a new one…. Need my gaming fix!

  • ernicegilbert

    I’ll try the that, Hailceaser! Thanks!

  • freezeplyr8

    Go through the safe mode and try to reformat the hard drive if that don’t work buy a 1tb 5400rpm 2.5 size hard drive to replace the old one

  • afrpain

    is tht the latest ps3 slim 2 givin u issues….. coz mine is doing the same

  • Wolf1888

    Don’t worry my friend, I don’t plan to stop gaming anytime soon, so I’ll still be there when you’ll get your stuff fixed ;)

    I hope for you that all of your stuff and saved data is not lost… Do you have a lot of important save on that hardrive?

  • os1019

    Did you get your PS3 up and running yet?

  • ernicegilbert

    Not yet bro. :(

  • os1019

    Before buying another PS3 I would try swapping in a new hard drive.

  • ernicegilbert

    Yeah, I’m getting a new Hard Drive. That’s what has gone bad, I believe… And I didn’t have nothing important saved on there… Well, except for all my downloaded titles! Hate this.

  • milky1018

    What a relief. I can now do it on my won. Thanks!


  • Listigerwolf

    Did getting a new Drive work?

  • ernicegilbert

    Yes, I got a drive from my cousin’s broken PS3. I need to update this story because I believe I could have used my old drive with the new info I got.

    But yeah, a new drive would work.

  • Manish

    please update the thread so that we can solve the problem

  • ernicegilbert

    Okay, I’ll do that today.

  • Legend

    Please update as fast as you can because I don’t have another hardrive and if I can fix it without buying a new one that’s be awesome :)

  • ernicegilbert

    Give me a few minutes. I’ll update in a bit.

  • Legend

    Thanks :)

  • ernicegilbert

    No worries!

  • ernicegilbert

    Post updated!

  • Legend

    Thanks man trying it now when I hold square and start does it have to be in safe mode or anything?

  • ernicegilbert

    Make sure you follow all the steps before doing this. No, the console doesn’t have to be in safe mode or anything. Remember at this point, you’re trying to get the latest PS3 firmware update onto the sytem’s hard drive via USB drive. So make sure the USB is connected to one of the console’s controller ports. But make sure all the prior steps are followed flawlessly.

  • Wumbo

    I’m having an issue where the update gets stuck at 99% when I hold start and select to update it and than it said I encounterd a serious issue and now instead of rarely recognizing it,It’s not recognizing it at all,Any suggestions? If you can answer at least to the reason why it gets stuck at 99% thanks :)

  • ernicegilbert

    Wumbo, I can’t say I know why it gets stock, but make sure you follow the process of downloading the firmware update, and creating the right folders in the right places before you do the “start and select” thing. Also make sure that your hard drive is clean and in place. Hope this helps.

  • Feed Back

    This just happened to me. I downloaded the firmware, but Press+Start aren’t doing anything. It just stays at that stupid screen. Anyone care to help?

  • DaveM77

    I did it all but the select and start thing together doesnt do anything help?

  • DaveM77

    I did the steps but the start and select to restart the system isnt doing anything can some one please help?

  • Daniel

    Should the console be turned on before I press start and select together?

  • Svensson

    I doesnt work with the start select button, it remain the same stupid screen