Monday, June 24, 2013
Xbox Live Now Back Up, New Microsoft Update Claims

Xbox Live Now Back Up, New Microsoft Update Claims

A new status update concerning Xbox Live has confirmed that the service is back up for users around the world. This will be welcomed news to gamers who were having issues with the service for the past 24hrs, with some losing friends, not being able to access Minecraft game saves and difficulty logging in.

Said MS in a new status update:

If you were one of the members who was having issues signing in to Xbox LIVE, good news! This issue has been fixed! Thank you so much for your patience during this time, feel free to go enjoy your favourite games and content!

Microsoft hasn’t given a reason for Xbox Live being down, and why it took so long to get it back up. Is the service working for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • John USA

    In a word NO. You can sign in to xbox live, but I have had many issues related to friends list, voice chat, in game voice and connectivity issues. So I’m gonna say NO! US.

  • Vinn

    Me and my friends are still having problems when it comes to inviting others for our party chat or even games.

  • Tommo

    Still having problems. I can’t download my profile so can’t sign into Live and can’t do anything that requires internet. Problem isn’t fixed at all Microsoft! I hope they don’t just leave it there… haha

  • Matthew Coombs

    i cant play online for bf3 blackops 2 or 2k13


    kidding me? i cant even update my payment options but when i do i try to sign into xbox live and it still keeps asking me to update my payment options… wtf

  • fukmicrosoft

    fuck Microsoft I cant even sign in to xbox live Microsoft is a joke

  • bitememicrosoft

    don’t delete my comment, fuck you Microsoft every one needs to know your a joke, fix your shit you dam clowns.

  • MaXfReZa

    I had this problem for a few hours yesterday, but with the exception of the messaging and add/remove features not working… I was able to play.

  • Spence

    Fix your shit MS. Cant sign into xbox live and your telling me its a problem with my fucking internet. How are you supposed to fix your already fucked xbox 1 when u cant get your shit straight for people on the old xbox

  • James

    its bullshit like this, which is why PS4 is better

  • Spence

    I have had every fucking xbox since the day it came out and been loyal as shit to MS. PS4 here i come. Atleast when Sony fucks up like this they give their paying customers some free shit

  • Jeff

    Not able to sign in here in vancouver, i have reset router and still unable to connect, also i cant even connect to

  • Nick

    Still having problems, if the problem was fixed, it was fixed for me. I can’t even sign in to, tells me the site is having problems, and I can’t sign in to xbox live for a similar reason.

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