Saturday, December 20, 2014
Battlefield 4 Keeps Crashing, Players Losing Single and Multiplayer Data

Battlefield 4 Keeps Crashing, Players Losing Single and Multiplayer Data

Battlefield 4 has been going through a plethora of problems lately, with multiple gamers reporting over the weekend that the game constantly crashes, causing them to lose their progress, amongst other vexing issues.

DICE has responded in a post on Battlelog: “This is probably related to crashes stopping the game reports from being sent to Battlelog,” the developer said. “We are still investigating this issue in more detail. Note that your progress sometimes can seem to be reset during server maintenance windows. In these cases, your stats will be just fine and reappear later.”

DICE added that it’s “still investigating the issue of single player save files being corrupted for some players,” and asked those affected to described describe… the steps leading up to the save file being corrupted, your platform (PC, PS3 or X360), and when the issue occurred. If you’re on PC, please also list your OS and system specs.”

The developer has been trying to keep up with the problems facing Battlefield 4, with multiple server-side updates already rolled out and more to come — which has already fixed some issues like server queues, server crashes, Missions and reloading.

“We would like to thank all players who have been reporting their issues to us,” DICE went on, “your feedback is invaluable when making sure we can deliver the Battlefield 4 experience you all deserve. In true DICE fashion, we will keep supporting Battlefield 4 for a long time, and we appreciate your feedback and patience as we work these issues out.”

Have you been experiencing problems? Share them here, we’ll pass it on to DICE.

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  • foxton

    this has happened to me too. i have already completed the campaign and was going again on hard difficulty for my platinum trophy, only to realise that none of my collectibles or campaign unlocks have saved?! does this mean that i now have to go through and collect every single collectible again?
    Hog Fan, ive heard problems of full arsenal not unlocking straight away according to the playstation trophies forums, i do believe it comes eventually though but you have to wait a while before the trophy pops

  • travis j lee

    I’ve had both single and multi-player blues. Ironically, it only freezes on operation lockdown. Even more ironic – it stopped for a good week after I purchased premium because ghosts was so terrible; and started up again tonite, though anything but conquest works fine!

  • mr bang bang

    5th time my single player reset… i already said gudbay 2 mah m249 SAW

    RIP M249 SAW

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