Monday, September 29, 2014
Insomniac Games Already Working On Fuse 2

Insomniac Games Already Working On Fuse 2

Insomniac Games are already working on the sequel to its less than popular Fuse, a game that reviewed badly, however company studio Ted Price and co. aren’t giving up the young franchise.

Here’s the message Ted sent out to fans yesterday, the very day Fuse went on sale in the U.S. (Friday in Europe).

Ted’s Soapbox: Fuse, Past & Future

For you, our fans… for those of you who dig what we do with crazy worlds, characters and weapons… for those of you who check out Fuse and enjoy a co-op romp through a very “Insomniac” game, this is what I have to say: we’re just getting started.

We’ve already begun expanding what we’ve begun with Fuse. Right now as I write this we’re taking the core concepts behind Fuse and prototyping new stuff… stuff that leverages this bizarre alien substance which is at the heart of the game. No, I’m not talking about DLC. I’m talking about new Fuse experiences altogether.

What’s wonderful about creating and owning one’s IP is that you can take it any direction you want. And that’s what we’re going to do. Stay tuned!

Review scores are here. Do you plan on buying Insomniac’s latest effort? Share your thoughts.

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  • Ghost250

    why???? just make something different.

  • regretsecret

    I hope they have read the games bad reviews and address the issues.

    Fuse is so generic I wanna cry… the guns are cool though. You might find it hard to get used to the controls and perhaps this guide can help you with that:

  • Father&Son

    My son and I enjoyed the game very much, the controls on the xbox weren’t hard at all to learn, the story was well done. We finished the game at all levels and played 10 times already maxed out everything. It’s not boring at all we still come back to play it from time to time. There was some annoying glitches in the game. Especially one glitch online when we played with others. I don’t know if it was another player attacking the game with a virus, because there a lot of hardcore gamers out there who are very picky want everything perfect. They don’t think for a moment how hard it is to develop a game. They don’t have an ounce or knowledge to create their own game, so don’t complain, you don’t like it. Return it back or sell it, stop moaning about it. Anyways, my point was I don’t think it was an online glitch, Init was a viral attack by another player who hates the game. It damaged my save game, making negative level to all my characters and negative 3 million game money.
    My son and I erased our hard earned gameplay and started all over again, but it was still fun but never again played online with others. It did some damaged to some of the textures in the game, rainbow textures never did that before only when we went online. Am not going to erase everything in the xbox and redox load it again. It’s minor texture glitch. My son and I are waiting for the next coming sequel to fuse. It’s one game we can play co-op together father and son.
    To the game developers of Insomniac there will be always haters out there who don’t appreciate your hard work and sweat you put in your games but your game Fuse you have created with co-op with split screen very nice brought a father and son together to play and have fun. Thank you. Please continue your work, we anticipate for your next sequel to fuse “Fuse 2″.

  • reaper88516

    fuse was amazing loved it cant wait for the next one

  • reaper88516

    fuse was amazing loved it cant wait for the next one

  • Phillip m

    I loved it can’t wait for number 2!!!!

  • Jstat

    I actually loved the game! My fiancé and I enjoyed every minute of it

  • humanhornet

    i enjoyed the gameplay a lot but the part that created the most replayability for me was the upgrades so i hope they keep the upgrade system for a sequel and maybe improve the cutscenes and create much more fluid stealth gameplay.