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Rumor Water: L.A. Noire Game Of The Year Edition Incoming

By Ernice Gilbert, September 12, 2011 1 Hot, PS3, Take-Two, Xbox 360

There’s apparently a L.A. Noire GoTY edition in the works and is already available for preorder at some outlets, if a report from GamersGlobe is to be believed.

Team Bondi Assets Sold Off To KMM – Report

By Ernice Gilbert, August 9, 2011 3 industry news, News

Everything belonging to Team Bondi, including the studio’s IPs, have been sold off to KMM (Kennedy Miller Mitchell).

L.A. Noire Developer Team Bondi Is Bankrupt – Rumor

By Ernice Gilbert, August 5, 2011 3 Hot, industry news, News

NeoGAF’s rumoring that Team Bondi, the developer responsible for one of this year’s bestselling games, L.A. Noire, is bankrupt, and is currently seeking help from KMM, a studio in Australia that will eventually acquire the dev.

Team Bondi Boss Praises Rockstar For Taking Risk With L.A. Noire

By Ernice Gilbert, July 27, 2011 3 Development, Hot, industry news, News

The relationship between top publisher/devloper Rockstar, and L.A. Noire developer Team Bondi has gone down south as of recent, but the latter firm’s boss still finds room to praise Rockstar for taking a chance on L.A. Noire, after Sony’d ditched… Read More »

Content Was Cut From L.A. Noire Because It Couldn’t Fit On One Blu-Ray Disc

By Ernice Gilbert, July 22, 2011 3 Hot, News, PS3, Rockstar

Although PS3′s Blu-ray capacity is 50Gb on a dual-layered disc, Team Bondi’s said that it had to cut content from its investigative/action title, L.A. Noire, because there was simply too much content to fit on one disc.

Video Thirst: Final L.A. Noire DLC Gets Hot New Trailer

By Ernice Gilbert, July 7, 2011 2 Hot, News, PSN, Rockstar, Take-Two

Rockstar’s sent live a trailer for Reefer Madness, the final DLC for LA Noire. Quench it below the break.

Rockstar Will Not Publish Team Bondi’s Next Game – Report

By Ernice Gilbert, July 5, 2011 6 industry news

Team Bondi and Rockstar’s relationship was dealt a great blow when an expose about overworked staffers at the Sydney-based studio rocked the gaming world last week, and now another report has surfaced, this one talking of Rockstar’s “disdain” for Team… Read More »

L.A. Noire Coming To PC This Fall, Will Support 3D

By Ernice Gilbert, June 23, 2011 1 Hot, News, PC, Rockstar

Rockstar’s just confirmed L.A. Noire will launch on PC this fall.

Quick Quenchers: L.A. Noire DLC Nicholson Electroplating Available Now

By Ernice Gilbert, June 21, 2011 2 News, PS3, Take-Two, Xbox 360

Rockstar’s unleashed the L.A. Noire DLC dubbed Nicholson Electroplating for PSN and XBL.

In The UK, L.A. Noire Wins Again

By Ernice Gilbert, June 6, 2011 1 Hot, News, Sales, Take-Two

You can’t keep a good game down.

New L.A. Noire Patch Fixes Many A Bug

By Ernice Gilbert, May 23, 2011 5 Hot, News, PS3, Take-Two, Xbox 360

You’ve played L.A. Noire? Then you’ve experienced one or two bugs – don’t worry though, Rockstar’s got you covered. No more PS3-stalling issues, then.

LA Noire Becomes Fastest Selling New IP In The UK

By Ernice Gilbert, May 23, 2011 3 Hot, News, PS3, Take-Two, Xbox 360

Rockstar does not know how to release a bad game it seems, as Team Bondi-developed L.A. Noire not only topped the UK Charts, but in the process became the fastest selling new IP ever. That’s no small accomplishment.

L.A. Noire Also Causing Problems On Xbox 360

By Ernice Gilbert, May 19, 2011 3 Hot, News, PS3, Take-Two, Xbox 360

Rockstar played “dirty” with Sony yesterday when it claimed the recent overheating of PS3s while playing L.A. Noire was caused by the console’s latest firmware update. Sony shot back hard forcing the developer to backpedal, and today with more ammunition,… Read More »

Sony Slams Rockstar For Claiming Firmware 3.61 Bricks PS3s Trying To Run L.A. Noire, Rockstar Backpedals

By Ernice Gilbert, May 19, 2011 5 Hot, News, PS3, Take-Two, Xbox 360

Numerous gamers have complained of their PS3s shutting down and “acting like a maniac” while playing L.A. Noire, so in an effort to cast the blame anywhere but on itself, Rockstar said PS3 firmware update 3.61 was the cause of… Read More »

L.A. Noire Hits Big, Sells Out At Retail

By Ernice Gilbert, May 18, 2011 6 Hot, News, PS3, Rockstar, Take-Two, Xbox 360

It’s becoming increasingly hard to find a copy of L.A. Noire at retail outlets, as gamers are buying the Team Bondi-developed action/investigative title in droves. Meanwhile, Take-Two stock has skyrocketed since the game’s reviews went live, and it appears Rockstar’s… Read More »