Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Driveclub Beta Leaked Footage And Screenshots


DriveClub has been in a secret beta for quite a while, it seems, but this is the internet, and sometimes gamers are like excited children who can’t keep a secret. Well, some of us are actually excited children with no secret-keeping abilities whatsoever, and as such, screenshots of the game’s beta have leaked — videos too. Read More »

Battlefield Hardline Single Player Campaign Video, ‘Rescue’ Multiplayer Mode Trailer


Many well-meaning Battlefield fans were put off by BF4 because the game was so broken for such a long time. Battlefield: Hardline, being developed by Visceral Games, was set for an October release but was later delayed with the developer citing more time for polish. They’ve been polishing ever since, and have released two videos: single-player gameplay and multiplayer action. ... Read More »