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Tweet It appears as though Microsoft plans to cancel it’s “Inside Xbox” which offered various video services. Community Manager Major Nelson broke the news on his blog earlier today, though didn’t offer much of an explanation beyond “we must continue… Read More »

By Saint123q, May 1, 2012 1 Activision, PC, Playstation 3, Treyarch, Xbox 360

Tweet With as little as nine hours left, until the world reveal of Call of Duty Black Ops II, I wanted to lay out everything we already know about the game, although we don’t know much about the story portion,… Read More »

By Saint123q, April 30, 2012 7 GIVEAWAY, Xbox 360

Tweet First off I wanted to apologize to everyone for the lack of updates about the Beta Key Giveaway Winner, I have been gone for the last 4 days, because of a lot of stress I’ve been going through. To… Read More »

By Saint123q, April 26, 2012 11 GIVEAWAY, Xbox 360

Tweet Before I get into the main reason for this post, I want to extend my many thanks to SHADOWBOXER who set the bar VERY high for his great reason as to why he wants the Beta Code. That being… Read More »

By Saint123q, April 23, 2012 12 giveaway, Xbox 360

Tweet Hello Ladies and Gentleman! Are you one of the few people who were not able to pre-order Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and get access to the closed beta? Well here is your chance to be part of the Beta!… Read More »

By Saint123q, April 4, 2012 1 News, PC, Playstation 3, Ubisoft, Xbox 360

Tweet Assassin’s Creed III lead writer Matt Turner says the game will feature more Desmond than any previous entry in the series. “All I can say about Desmond’s story is you’re going to experience more Desmond than you’ve ever had… Read More »

By Ernice Gilbert, March 1, 2012 3 EA Partners, News, PS3, Xbox 360

Tweet Many gamers will tell you Insomniac Games killed the Resistance franchise when the second game was released. It’s like the developer removed everything that made the first title great and replaced them with lackluster efforts. Fans then went on… Read More »

By Saint123q, February 3, 2012 4 News, PS3, Rockstar Games, Take-Two, Xbox 360

Tweet Take-Two assured investors in a financials call today that development of Grand Theft Auto V is “making great progress”, despite staying well away from determining a window of release. Click to view larger image Analysts expect Grand Theft Auto… Read More »

By Saint123q, February 1, 2012 5 News, PC, Playstation 3, Radical Entertainment, Xbox 360

Tweet We just heard about all the cool things to expect in Radical Entertainment’s console special edition release of Prototype 2, but details of a similar special edition for the PC are…nonexistent. And to add slight insult to minor PC… Read More »

Tweet Sir Howard Stringer to become chairman of the Board of Directors in June, 2012. kaz hirai – Kazuo Hirai has been appointed as Sony president and chief executive officer, effective April 1, 2012, Sony has announced today. Sir Howard… Read More »

By Saint123q, January 25, 2012 3 Dice, EA, News, PS3, Xbox 360

Tweet To prove how flawed Battlefield 3 anti-cheat and monitoring systems are, hackers have used a PunkBuster exploit to ban more than 150 law-abiding players. Cheat and hack forum ArtificialAiming instigated the bans and provided proof of their coup in… Read More »

By Saint123q, January 24, 2012 2 DLC, PS3, Ubisoft, Xbox 360

Tweet For those of you waiting for the latest DLC to drop for Assassins Creed: Revelations, your wish has been granted. Today, Ubisoft announced that the Mediterranean Traveler Map Pack was released. The Map Pack will include the following New… Read More »

By Saint123q, January 20, 2012 7 Activision, Microsoft, PS3, Xbox 360

Tweet The first question that comes to everyones mind when they know a new Call of Duty game will be comming out is, What do we want to see? Before I get into that, lets look at the History of… Read More »

By Ernice Gilbert, December 22, 2011 1 News, Nintendo, Nintendo Wii

Tweet There’s a game-breaking bug apparently ruining the Skyward experience as we speak, but according to a report from Gamasutra, the bug will soon be killed.

Video Thirst: Ridge Racer: Unbounded Gets New Trailer, Release Date

By Ernice Gilbert, November 3, 2011 5 News, PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox 360

Tweet Below the break you’ll see a new trailer that accompany’s a release date for Namco’s Ridge Racer: Unbounded.