Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Skyward Patch Incoming

Skyward Patch Incoming

There’s a game-breaking bug apparently ruining the Skyward experience as we speak, but according to a report from Gamasutra, the bug will soon be killed.

Gamers in Japan can now access The Legend of Zelda Data Restoration Channel through the Wii which will remove the bug. As for western gamers, Nintendo’s said it’ll soon announce channels whereby they can access the fix.

“We are currently working on preparations for the release of this program. Information on how to download and use it will be made available through support.nintendo.com once the program is ready for release,” a Nintendo rep told GameInformer.

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  • nick

    bug happens when you have to find the song of the hero which is pretty late in the game.
    if you find the song from the thunder god first then a bug happens and the cut scenes letting you find the other 2 wont happen thus stopping you from progressing in the game.
    ninty really need a QA department, this is the 2nd time within a year a massive game breaking bug like this happened!
    metroid other M had a similar problem stopping you from progressing.
    at least their offering to fix it though, unlike EA cough cough.
    still so pissed off i lost 2 of my game saves because the game glitches out and corrupted them!
    i will NEVER forgive bioware for that!