Thursday, April 17, 2014


Rumor Water: Nintendo Working On New Home And Handheld Consoles Called Fusion


This is rumor water, so drink sparingly, but it appears, as per Nintendo News that, in light of Wii U’s dismal showing and Nintendo’s flailing quarterly results, that the company is simultaneously developing two powerful consoles: a handheld called Fusion DS and a home console dubbed Fusion Terminal. Specs were even released as part of the massive supposed leak, revealing ... Read More »

Court Orders Nintendo To Pay $3 Royalty Fee To Tomita For Every 3DS Already Sold


The company which owns the patent on glasses-free 3D tech sued Nintendo for infringement, claiming the gaming company used its technology without permission in the 3DS. The courts agreed and is now forcing Nintendo to pay $3 to Kyoto-based Tomita Technologies for every 3DS already sold — a total amount of $105 million, and a fee of 1.82 percent of the wholesale price ... Read More »