Friday, August 8, 2014
Xbox One Suffers System Malfunction At Comic-Con Numerous Times

Xbox One Suffers System Malfunction At Comic-Con Numerous Times

Could this be Red Ring of Death part 2?

Most likely not, but Microsoft had to shut down all Xbox One systems a couple times at Comic-Con, reps at the show told SKNR.

According to the site, While most of the crashes were minor, for a good part of Saturday morning, Xbox One demo systems were powered down and replaced with a panel instead while MS tech investigated the problems.

But the interesting point here is now news about the console crashing numerous times at E3 has been unearthed by Pallab Chatterjee of Media and Entertainment Technologies. According to Pallab, during numerous attempted meetings at E3 the system crashed repeatedly, thus explaining why the one-on-one meetings were ended. Pallab also revealed to SKNR that that they had 6 to 7 attempts at meetings and each time the hardware was unable to be stable enough to complete the demonstration and that the issues seem to remain at Comic Con, as this had been an ongoing problem over the weekend.

Even Sony Comic-Con booth people confirmed the Xbox One crashes with much glee, added SKNR.

It’s a bit troubling that Xbox One has been failing so many times at these gaming events but the media has made no mention of it. But more troubling, to me at least, is the fact the system’s already seeing these issues. And one may argue that the console isn’t out on the market yet and we shouldn’t worry, but with Microsoft’s poor track record on hardware, where millions of Xbox 360 systems died through RRoD, this is very disconcerting.


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  • Crash Ōkami

    Oh we’re in for a treat, right? Damn being a gamer and having to buy it. I know I’ll have fun with a lot of stuff on the console, but I’ll be damned if this isn’t disheartening.

  • Bigboy

    You are posting fake news from N4G. This was voted down as fake and the writer could not defend it, yet you posted it as fact. You have been suckered. Check your sources before posting rumors as fact.

  • ernicegilbert

    I disagree with you. Just cause users on N4G downvoted a post, that dose not make said post untrue. In fact, because of the fanboy nature of N4G, some of the very posts that get downvoted are legit, but fanboys can’t stand it.

    I have looked at the source of the news, fully read his article, and come to believe that he’s telling the truth.

  • omega riddler

    The more and more I hear about this kind of stuff happening the more I’m happy I preordered a PS4. If this is going to happen when the Xbox One is released I’d rather wait to get one and avoid the trouble

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  • Hugh Bear

    Only one paid shill in the comments Microsoft?

  • Sardorim

    The Red Ring of Death had to return, it’s an integral part of the XBox Experience!

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  • rxl209

    xbox fanboy confirmed

  • Magilla187

    its crazy how no major gaming news places reported this, yet were quick to report rumors on sonys OS using 3.5GB of space but won’t even report this, is Microsoft trying to cover this up RROD v2 seems like it to me

  • Abba Okoro

    Hmm Comic-con was a public event even journalist that learn over MORE to Sony didn’t report this. As far as I’m concerned this is FAKE. no way something like this cannot escape to mainstream media

  • CyraxInfinite

    Buying toy consoles is a thing of children. Rushing out and buying them at launch is the very definition of Down’s Syndrome.

  • John Mumpitz


  • BGYeti

    Or you are a dumbass, you really think that rumors would slip trough but this wouldn’t, your a moron for even thinking this is true. This article (if you can even call it that) is nothing more than shit slapped on a page to create traffic.

  • Magilla187

    You mad bro ? sad how nobody can state how they feel without butthurt try hards getting their periods

  • willhe

    when does a negative article about microsoft on NFourG ever get down voted? i usually go to n4g from vgchartz and the clock bump up never made it to the top feeds why is that

  • willhe

    says the bear have you hug your boyfriend lately boo boo

  • Hugh Gribben

    First things first, Sony has had a lot more gaming and hardware experience than Microsoft has, lets look at the original xbox, it was basically a pc with an over sized GPU crammed into a custom case, the xbox 360 was their first attempt at making a dedicated gaming machine, of course its gonna fail, look at sony, their first console failed epicaly as well (which funnily enough was also a heating problem that caused the plastic to melt and warp, making the laser no longer point at the disk, with horrible cooling problems (for those who remember the mode that had the AV ports and the parallel port, or the SCPH-1001 Model) where as the last 2 generations of the PS1 which were the slimline and the model that everyone knows so well that only has the Playstation port, serial port and of course power. Later generations of the XBOX 360 are also very stable machines, I own 3 XBOX 360′s all of which are 3rd gen (we are currently up to 7th generation) and all of them are extremely solid machines, the first gen PS3 (didn’t come without problems but they were no where near as bad as the XBOX 360 issues, they had time over the many revisions of the playstation 2 and 3 to know how to make a console that will stand up to the stresses of the real world, not to mention that sony has also been making other devices along side gaming machines so one would hope that they would by now know the ins and outs of making a pice of hardware ready for the real world, and that they do! though their software sucks…. easy to hack, easy to override…. pretty much all of their consoles can be found somewhere with a Linux OS on them in one form or another…. This is where the XBOX 360 really shines, yes they had a few hiccups when they started out, of course the software was going to be shit on the original xbox and the 360 well they hadn’t quite gotten use to the idea of really making use of the hardware and software relationship. So getting back to the idea of the XBOX one having issues, well its like any new pice of hardware, there is going to be problems, better find them out on a small scale for example at comicon then release 200’000 of them into the wild and find they are all dud. Sony probably didn’t have any issues, but as I mentioned earlier, if there is anything about hardware manufacturing that sony doesn’t know, its probably not worth knowing as they have had decades of experience.
    Just as a side note, no im not a Microsoft fanboy, I was originally a Sega Megadrive guy, then i went to N64, to PS2 to XBOX 360, and quite frankly I was when i watched E3, sony had me won over, but Microsoft is picking up their game (which i will admit is weird for Microsoft to do this, but seems to be a coming trend as they are doing it with windows blue as well, aka bringing back the start button) and listening to what people want, by having people scour forums and other internet sites to see what people hate and like about the upcoming console and operating system… this may mean that the XBOX one might actually be an interesting machine, (thought the PS4 is still winning me) but ill probably get both as I always do…

    Rant over…. hope that gives you something to think on, (P.S I own almost every mainstream console so I can make judgements on the machines myself instead of using heresy)

  • Anthony S.

    Damn. They have 3 months to make this thing sparkle. Will they get it together for a decent launch? Anyone? Who knows, right…..

  • Leo Garcia

    i was there and its true xbox one crashed many times
    epic fail yet again from m$

    just like 360 at start was a piece of crap with 57.4% failure rate
    it doesnt surprise me at all

    anw everyone knows sony ps4 is the better system only m$ fangirls will denie it

  • SirBloodgrip

    Posting on a video game forum calling people who buy video games is the pinnacle of Down’s syndrome.

  • CyraxInfinite

    “Posting on a video game forum calling people”

  • SirBloodgrip


  • SirBloodgrip

    Also your reply makes absolutely no sense clearly you didn’t read the whole comment I thought I made it short enough for you to be able to concentrate sorry. :(

  • CyraxInfinite

    That is really clever, for a ‘retired’ =)

  • Crash Ōkami

    At least it’s a step up from the use of Xbox One-like PC’s in all conferences, right?

  • SirBloodgrip

    Now that you are backed into a corner with no argument and are just blurting out super cool insults i’m done with you thanks for the laugh anyway.

  • friv 2 friv 3 friv 4

    At least it’s a step up from the use of Xbox One-like PC’s in all conferences, right?

  • Cassive

    CrapBox One