Sunday, September 7, 2014
Inside Xbox, canceled in the U.S.

Inside Xbox, canceled in the U.S.

It appears as though Microsoft plans to cancel it’s “Inside Xbox” which offered various video services. Community Manager Major Nelson broke the news on his blog earlier today, though didn’t offer much of an explanation beyond “we must continue to invest our resources and talents wisely”. The US version of Inside Xbox also severs Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

“We will be leveraging third-party news and video content available through a variety of existing and future partners, and supplementing this content with select first-party offerings,” added Nelson.

“However, day-to-day news content and weekly programming currently offered though Inside Xbox will cease production in the United States. This includes shows like Major’s Minute, Featured Videos and Insider Moves packaged under the Inside Xbox brand.”

“Xbox Live in EMEA is currently looking at its operating model for Inside Xbox,” he wrote.

“This could potentially result in some changes, but we have no news here to share yet.

“Xbox Live in Mexico and Japan will continue to produce first-party content for its members via other media outside of the Inside Xbox brand.”

So there you have it folks, it looks like we will be seeing the end of Inside Xbox soon, a specific date has yet to be revealed and we will have more on this matter as information rises.

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  • nick

    as each day flies past more and more do i believe M$ will be announcing their next console next month.
    why else would they be shutting down so many services, and for the first time ever streaming E3 on XBLA.
    obviously your not going to do that if you only have a few crappy kinect titles to show!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Nodding head in agreement.

  • nick

    M$ just sent me a new survey asking about experience on XBLA and what we would like to see added.
    hmmmmmmmm, either there gearing up to announce new features like what they did with netflix and co, or there totally rebooting the service for a new system!