Sunday, June 9, 2013
Games Thirst Giveaway: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (Xbox 360) Beta Code Giveaway!

Games Thirst Giveaway: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (Xbox 360) Beta Code Giveaway!

Hello Ladies and Gentleman! Are you one of the few people who were not able to pre-order Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and get access to the closed beta? Well here is your chance to be part of the Beta! I have in my possession (1) Beta Key, for one lucky member of this websites community. The way I am going to choose whom to give this code away to is simple.

First, you need to write at least a paragraph reason why you want this beta code, maybe you want to help make the game better, by giving feedback or maybe you just want to pwn your friends at something other than Call of Duty – it doesn’t matter what the reason is, be creative, and have fun with this. I will select a winner on the 26th of this month, please post all of your paragraphs here in the comments below, good luck to you all!

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    Okay well, first off i would love to have this beta key. I’ve been a fan of Ghost Recon for awhile now, and i cant wait to test it out, with my friends and my family.Its been very hard finding give away’s to this beta, im just hoping my luck will turn around with this. I have watched many gameplays , and i admit ill be stopping playing call of duty for good for this game!
    Also other reasons for wanting this beta key is to help out and have fun!


  • Stampylongnose

    Shadowboxer put up a strong argument and he was first. You better put a good case forward everyone else.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yes indeed. Shadow’s put up a good argument. Love it!


    thanks guys! guess my luck just might be good after all!!

  • TheGrimOfDeath

    Could I at least have the X BOX 360 version? I lost the PS3 version.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Grim: The Xbox 360 contest is different, however if you put up great reasons as to why you want the code, and Saint finds it compelling enough, then you’ll win. Shadowboxer, however, placed the bar very high.


    :/ im a little stumbled that this is bumped up to the 29th, in all honesty i have been the first one to post , and did waited for this day in hoping i might actually get to try out the beta before it ends.. i have been searching for a long time on google for any chance to get myself a beta key, and i found myself on this website. Now this website is very interesting and i dont really go on sites like this, i find every post from all you guys a well time spent reading..It has very hard to find a opportunity like this..but just like that it goes.
    Im not the type to complain but i find it a bit unfair.
    that is all.

  • KillaGee

    I would like to say, that im very grateful for this very last opportunity. I like to give my thanks to the writer of this article as well.
    Now for my reason for the beta key.
    I like to start out saying good luck to the others who posted for this competition, but that being said my reason is that well im a huge fan of ghost recon series, I have never got bored of playing it. Like Shadow said ” i would deff stop playing COD for this game” its exactly what i think and feel. Right now i find myself bored to death playing cod, the only game keeping me going is battle field.
    I dont want to keep blapping on , but keep this short and simpl, im a huge fan, im dedicated to this series and would drop any other titles for this!
    and that Im dyinnnng to try this out!!
    So pleeeease make a fan enjoy his favorite game! you would make my day !!!!!
    thank you!
    and good luck to the rest of you guys , got my fingers crossed!

  • KillaGee

    hope this isnt too late!!!!!! :| !

  •!/Beta_Beast DarkReaper9

    @Killagee @SHADOWBOXER
    Since there will be someone who doesn’t get a beta code, just so you guys know you can follow for a feed of recent beta key giveaways. Not only does it post key giveaways for 360, but PS3, and PC as well. It’s actually where I found my beta key for Ghost Recon.

  • Sircus

    You can also post your reasons on the newer thread that was created to extend the deadline.


    Thanks darkreaper, sounds good man.

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