Friday, September 27, 2013
Games Thirst Dust 514 Beta Giveaway (PS3) – Update: We Have A Winner

Games Thirst Dust 514 Beta Giveaway (PS3) – Update: We Have A Winner

Update: Games Thirst user Shadowboxer posted the 100th comment making him the winner of today’s contest! Grats, ect. Original Story: Folks, it’s July 4th, what better way to celebrate America’s independence than giving away a free beta code of upcoming PS3 game DUST 514. It’s yours if you post the 100th comment. Yes, just like that.

Anyone can participate, not just U.S. GT members. Happy Independence!

The code was sent to me by non other than Games Thirst faithful user afrotravis. Thanks, dude!

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    ;) just like that!

  • thatoneoni

    Really dude…….Just look at the recent comments box. Why would you waste your time spamming to the 100th comment? Whatever I hope you make good use of the key. Anyways, thats cool that someone would give away there key for GT! Look forward to more info about Dust 514.


    So? It didnt take much time out of my day. “You can post as many comments as you wish” No need to
    whine man. And no doubt i will make good use.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    It’s yours, Shadow!


    Awesome, thanks Ernice. And happy 4th of july from Canada.

  • nick

    still really sceptical on this.
    reminds me allot of MAG!
    promised ALLOT and well that did not deliver much, so im a little worried about this.
    ive been in the beta for a few weeks now its a shame they dont have much content out yet.
    i really should try download the latest build, apparently the E3 build released last week so i really want to go give it a try!
    but i cant tare myself away from R&C!
    such a awesome game!!!!!!!!!

  • nick

    poor old Tomonobu.

    this new CEO of THQ is KILLING the company!
    hes cutting all the awesome projects that could sell really well, and all the crap which will send the company into bankrupcy is getting milked!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Hopefully iTagaki does something with it.

  • nick

    he better!
    it was looking so cool!
    we dont have many sword fighting and gun games either, only one that has released this gen is WET!
    this looks interesting too.
    seriously, lucas arts, why the ^%$# havent you done this yet?
    you do realise how many people would sleep outside the store 2 nights before release just to buy that right?

  • Ernice Gilbert

    That’s be cool indeed!

  • nick

    seriously cant understand why they have not done it yet!
    a battlefront game would sell so freaking well!
    there like $E, no matter how loud you scream they cant hear you!
    shame this got canned, it looked oh so freaking sweet!
    LUCAS, BRING BACK STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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