Thursday, September 4, 2014
Weekend Quencher 06/08/13 – E3 2013 Edition

Weekend Quencher 06/08/13 – E3 2013 Edition

I’ve covered E3 for multiple years and I’ve watched it as a gamer for even more, but never before have I witnessed such a perfect storm of awesomeness that’s coming our way Monday and Tuesday. Are you ready to be completely and utterly blown away by E3 2013? I think it’ll be the best one yet, with multiple new IPs being announced, and Sony finally showing us PlayStation 4. The real, physical, thing. It’s the biggest weekend in gaming, friends, leading up to the best week of the same, are your ready?

e3 schedule

If not, get yourself some rest because next week will be monumental. Oh, don’t take my word for it, Sony Santa Monica, the creators of God of War, says it best:


As you know, Gamesthirst will be covering the full thing nonstop as usual, only this time I’ll be rearranging the site especially for the show so you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for quickly.

That’s my challenge all this weekend, one I believe I’ll meet easily. Be here everyday because we’ll be covering all the press conferences live. I’ll stick this thread atop the site on Sunday evening, so you won’t have to look hard.

Alright, my mind and body are ready. Megatons galore this year. Soak it all in, because I’m not sure we’ll see this again, ever.

Have a great weekend, Gamesthirst.

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  • exclusivesmostly

    i’m ready!!!!

  • Benzo

    Still worried. This may be the last E3 we get with “consoles”…I hate to say it…I really hate to say it. I will be waiting on Monday with hope for redemption in the form of games games games games and Sony explaining their used game policy. I shall prepare…