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E3 Is Upon Us, We’re Covering Everything – Microsoft Goes First, Watch It Live Here

E3 Is Upon Us, We’re Covering Everything – Microsoft Goes First, Watch It Live Here

Update 1: Microsoft kicks off E3 with its Xbox One presser happening tomorrow. Watch livestream here. Original Story: Every six years or so, big changes happen in the industry because console makers, in grandiose fashion, unveil their next generation machines. This time around it took about 8 years to happen – longer than any previous generation, but if a proverb rings true in any situation, it must be this one: good things come to those who wait, because E3 2013 is looking to be the biggest we’ve seen in at least two decades. This is your E3 thread, we’re covering everything.

Unlike the start of previous generations, Nintendo has left the stage, albeit temporarily, to Sony and Microsoft as the two giants wage war in what’s expected to be the battle of the ages.

Microsoft revealed the Xbox One on May 21st, showing off the console but failing to reveal games for it. Sony introduced the PS4 at its February 19th meeting, revealing tons of games and the machine’s controller but not the console itself, managing skillfully to save some thunder for E3. Expect the press conferences of both firms to be hot.

It’s always a risk to make a guarantee on something you haven’t seen or experienced, but this much I can say, expect E3 to be filled with surprises and a few megatons, as games you thought should be multiplatform go exclusive, and those you thought should be exclusive revealed as multiplatform.

Microsoft (Monday, June 10, 9.30am PST – See Local Times Here)

If any company has something to prove next week Monday it’s Microsoft, as the company’s Xbox One reveal turned out to be the most epic of fails. Not only did the reveal flop, the storm that ensued thereafter was even worse as rumors of the machine used game-blocking DRM took center stage, its always-online nature and Kinect always watching you didn’t sit too well with people. Microsoft has a lot of explaining to do.

Not only does Microsoft need to clarify what the Xbox One does and does not, the software giant must show loads of exclusive titles – and I’m not speaking solely of Kinect offerings, either. We hear Respawn Entertainment’s new game will be exclusive to the console, and DICE’s Mirror’s Edge 2, too. Plus Black Tusk, the company’s brand new studio is said to be working on multiple exclusives, and Rare is set to reveal a historic IP at the show. Killer Instinct anyone?

Microsoft cannot flop this. It’s a must-see.

EA (Monday, June 10, 1.00pm PST – See Local Times Here)

EA’s show should be interesting. What with DICE bringing some surprise at the show, you weren’t expecting this to fail, did you? Expect Battlefield 4 to also be the focus, showing up at both Sony’s and Microsoft’s press conferences. EA should also be talking up FIFA 14 as the best thing since the word ‘best’ was invented. Mark your calendars.

Ubisoft (Monday, June 10, 3.00pm PST – See Here For Local Times)

I can’t remember an E3 where Ubisoft disappointed its fans. In fact the publisher, not Sony or Microsoft, was credited with the best show award at last year’s event, propelled by the highly-praised Watch Dogs. Expect this year to be the same, or even better, as the firm’s CEO that they’ll be unveiling new games next week. Beyond Good and Evil 2? A new racer? Yes and Yes, and there’s more. Don’t miss this.

Sony (Monday, June 10, 6.00pm PST – See Here For Local Times)

Sony ends the day with the final say, bringing with it the PS4 and how it looks, talking the machine up as friendly to used games, and as a machine that’s first and foremost a games console. Exclusives? Guerrilla Games won’t only be showing Killzone: Shadow Fall, we hear the developer, for the first time, will unveil the IP it’s been working on seemingly forever. Naughty Dog is expected to bring Uncharted 4 to the show (YES!), Media Molecule will show what it’s been experimenting with, Final Fantasy [insert subtitle here] will most likely be exclusively released on PS4. But that’s not all: The Last Guardian will be in the house, inFamous: Second Son, Sony Santa Monica will reveal something new and the list goes on. It’s too long. Expect Sony’s show to top 2 hrs. Get your popcorn ready – get some drinks, too, because this promises to be monumental.

Nintendo (Tuesday, June 11, 7.00am PST – See Here For Local Times)

Nintendo, like I stated earlier, won’t be hosting its own E3 show this year, steering clear of the battle set to wage between Sony and Microsoft. The company will, however, host a Nintendo Direct stream on the Tuesday morning. Watch it here.

We’ll be carrying all livestreams here. This thread is your full quencher.

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  • rpatricky

    If and only if, respawn is going exclusively Xbox one…I hope they and the Xbox one fail gloriously. For a brand new company like respawn to hitch its wagon exclusively to one console is a big slap to the face of all gamers from the other consoles who have supported their efforts from the day they were formed.

  • ernicegilbert

    It would be a bad move for Respawn to go exclusive as a new studio, but I suspect it’s out of their hands, as EA is the one publishing the game. Only a few more days to know!