Saturday, August 30, 2014
What Would Sony And/Or Microsoft Have To Do At E3 To Please You?

What Would Sony And/Or Microsoft Have To Do At E3 To Please You?

So it’s here. E3 2013. Are you ready? What do you expect to see? In fact, the better question is, since the main event will be built around Sony and Microsoft, as the two giants show us what they have in store, what would either company have to do that’d leave you smiling like the Joker?

Would Sony have to announce a certain exclusive to make you happy, or would the firm simply need to play things safe? And what about Microsoft, would the gargantuan company need to disavow its stance on used games and the Xbox One being always connected to make you even consider a purchase?

Gamers are often a tough crowd to please, but when they are happy with something, they show it by spending money. So let’s talk. Do it here: The Official Gamesthirst E3 Tent.

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  • Benzo

    MS needs to come with games!!! I need to see these new IPs from their 1st party studios. Also a clearer picture of the services and the used game policy. I dont want to see MS spending $$$$ to get multiplats to go xone exclusive.

    Sony needs to show me the PS4 and games son!! Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Media Molecule,Sucker Punch, and the other plethora of studios Sony has. A clearer picture on their used games policy as well. I need some compelling stuff for my Vita too. Its been collecting dust for TOO DAMN LONG!!! And…the icing on the cake would be a new Syphon Filter of Legend Of Dragoon!!!! Its a long shot I know lol.

    And both Sony and MS need to give price points and release dates so I can preorder my ps4 from gamestop!!!!!


  • ernicegilbert

    Well detailed answer there, Benzo! Syphon Filter is a long shot, though. But you never know! My desires fall in line with what you’ve listed there, too. But I’m mostly looking forward to the GAMES!!!!

  • Aaron Crampton

    Full disclosure I am already planning on ps4. That being said I am still interested what both have to show as a gamer. For Sony i would like them to clear some of the details up. How will Playstation plus work, HDD size, how will the playstation eye be used, and price. Then some good games to really get me hooked. Hopefully a mix of established and new IP’s, but no wonderbook lol

    for microsoft I am curious to see what else they have up their sleeve. How many will be cross platform, how will kinect work with games, and again price so we can get a better idea of how these consoles will line up.

    Should be a great show

  • ernicegilbert

    Great points, Aaron. And yeah, should be a great show indeed!

  • Hailceaser

    microsoft would have to get rid of kinect before they would please me. they’ve been forcing that damn thing down our throats ever since they bought the company that made it and how many people have actually wanted one? at least on the 360 it was an option on the xbone you’re stuck with it, like it or not, and you cannot turn it off, you can simply “pause” it. xbox had some good games announced but really the fact that they didn’t mention kinect at all is telling that maybe even they realize that people don’t want it.

    Sony needed more games, they lost huge exclusives like metal gear solid (or is that multiplat?) Insomniac making an exclusive game for microsoft is also a big blow. i think Sony needs to step up their game in terms of.. well games. get me a new twisted metal, a proper gran turismo on the vita and for the love of god get me the last guardian.