Monday, July 7, 2014

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Microsoft Unveils Limited Edition Xbox One Titanfall Controller

titanfall controller

Xbox One’s biggest game is Titanfall, the highly-anticipated online shooter from Respawn Entertainment coming to next-gen exclusively on Microsoft’s console, meaning you won’t be able to play it on PS4. So of course the software giant would make a big deal of it, revealing today a special edition controller complete with Titanfall elements. Check it out below. Read More »

Microsoft Says Next Xbox Will Have “Tons of Exclusives”


Late to the railroad, but Microsoft’s hype train has left the parking lot and is now chew-chew-ing it’s way to Redmond, Washington at top speeds. There, and at E3, the next Xbox will be revealed with tons of exclusives, according to Microsoft’s IEB chief of staff Aaron Greenberg on the latest episode of Major Nelson’s podcast. Read More »

Exclusive: Always-Online Backlash Caused Microsoft To Change Its Strategy, Intended To Be ‘Apple’ Of Industry


For the past few months, all we’ve heard concerning Microsoft’s next Xbox has been negative: it blocks used games from working, it won’t work without an internet connection – and so on. Rumor after rumor painted the still unannounced machine as unfriendly to the gamer – but it was Microsoft’s creative director Adam Orth who sparked a firestorm when he ... Read More »

Battlefield 3 Double XP Weekend In Full Swing

battlefield 3 operation metro

Battlefield 3 premium players are waging war and getting double the XP points they’d normally get during play, as DICE has made exclusive the bonus for those who bought the package. Did you buy BF3 Premium? If yes, go rake in some points, soldier. It ends tomorrow. Read More »