Sunday, December 21, 2014

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Call Of Duty 3 – Is It Worth it?

COD 3 - Worth it?

Infinity Ward set high standards for the Call Of Duty franchise with it’s second game, Call Of Duty 2. With a new developer Treyarck making is’s sequel, does it live up to, or even surpass it’s best selling predecessor. Call Of Duty 3, is it worth it? Read More »

Video Thirst – Top 5 Places To Work In Gaming

Places to work header

If you’re a hardcore gamer the chances are that you have occasionally dreamed about getting a job in the industry that creates and reports on the thing you love. Some people have turned that dream into a reality and managed to get a job in one of the most competitive and lucrative entertainment industries. Read More »

Video Thirst: The 5 Best Games At E3 2012

5 Best Games - Header

With no new hardware announcements, this years E3 was all about the games. We didn’t see the usual wealth of new IP’s being revealed but there were still plenty of quality games on show. We have compiled a short list of some of the games we thought were particulary good. These are all just our opinions and everyone thinks differently. ... Read More »

Top 5 – Games We Know Will Be Awesome

Ass creed 3 header

Some games surprise you with how good they are when they seemingly come out of nowhere. Other games we see coming from a long way away and know they will be awesome Months or even Years before they are released. These are the games we are celebrating in this list. These are Games Thirst’s top 5 games we know will ... Read More »

Nexuiz – Video Preview – A Shooter How They Used To Be

Nexuiz Header

Before games such as Call of Duty and Gears Of War existed the first person shooter landscape was a very different place. Fast pace arena shooters on PC were all the rage and auto aim and aiming down scopes were nowhere to be found. There have been several attempts to bring this old school shooter gameplay to consoles but the ... Read More »

Bungie Apple – What Does It Mean?

Bungie Apple

Yes you read the title correctly. Since it’s split with Microsoft the gaming world has been in speculation about what the future of the now legendary developer Bungie would be. In April 2010 Bungie announced it was signing a 10 publishing agreement with Activision Blizzard to bring new IP’s to multiple platforms. Bungie however just uploaded a short video to ... Read More »