Thursday, January 1, 2015

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Heroes of Dragon Age is coming to Android and iOS


EA and BioWare announced Heroes of Dragon Age, an iPhone and Android game due out this year. Using the freemium model, players can purchase and collect 3D figures of characters from the vast Dragon Age universe, form a team, and battle human and AI-controlled enemies. EA Capital Games is heading development, formerly known as The KlickNation, responsible for hit games ... Read More »

Tauntaun mounts coming to The Old Republic


A little under the radar, we found out that Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare’s acclaimed MMO, will be getting Tauntaun mounts, the first animal mounts in the game. Along with it, 3 new PvP arenas will join the game with Game Update 2.4, which is planned to launch in late August, as 2.3 is launching in a couple of ... Read More »

EA Trashes Mass Effect 4 In 2014 Talk


Earlier in the week, website Gamer Syndrome said it’d gotten information via an interview it conducted that ME4 was under development and that Bioware would reveal more info in 2013, however EA’s trashed the thing, saying, neither it nor BioWare has provided “any answers to questions from Gamer Syndrome”. Read More »

Mass Effect 3 on Wii U will be same as on other platforms

Mass Effect 3 Pre-Orders 'Way Ahead" of Mass Effect 2's Pre-Order Record

Australian developer studio Tantalus is primarily working as a conversion studio for hire, porting games from the Sega Saturn days until even today, with Mass Effect 3, their biggest project yet. As it is not a simple porting job, since new features (namely the GamePad) have to be included, company CEO Tom Cargo told Gamasutra that it’s no easy task. ... Read More »

Mass Effect movie loses screenwriter, but continues on


Thor and I Am Legend screenplay writer Mark Protosevich is no longer working with Legendary Entertainment on the Mass Effect film. Website Variety reports that Mark Protosevich has been replaced by newcomer Morgan Davis Foehl. Foehl is a self-admitted Mass Effect fan, and has experience writing scripts similar to the grand plot of Mass Effect, but he has never had ... Read More »

Mass Effect 3: Omega will be double the size of Leviathan


Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC is to be the biggest BioWare has ever done for the franchise, and one of their biggest overall, according to Mike Gamble. “Omega’s our latest piece of DLC,” said Mass Effect 3 producer Mike Gamble said during an interview at Comic Con. “It’s one of our largest that we’ve done so far. It’s basically double ... Read More »