Monday, August 11, 2014

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Titanfall Also Coming To PS4


When EA and Respawn Entertainment debuted Titfanfall at Microsoft’s Xbox E3 press conference in June, 2013, the game was pinned as coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. But when asked on multiple occasions whether the game would come to PS3 and PS4, Respawn Entertainment didn’t deny it would, stating, “we want to be everywhere”. Read More »

Respawn’s New Game Is An FPS, It Seems


Although Jason West and Vince Zampella’s new studio hasn’t official announced the title it’s working on, nor the genre it’s in, the development house has somewhat confirmed that the game will indeed be a first-person shooter. Read More »

Nexuiz – Video Preview – A Shooter How They Used To Be

Nexuiz Header

Before games such as Call of Duty and Gears Of War existed the first person shooter landscape was a very different place. Fast pace arena shooters on PC were all the rage and auto aim and aiming down scopes were nowhere to be found. There have been several attempts to bring this old school shooter gameplay to consoles but the ... Read More »