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Thirsty Conversations: Tell Us About Your Most Awesome Kills


Man, I’ve had some awesome kills while playing FPS games. I remember raining terror on about 8 guys almost simultaneously in Killzone 3 and watching them perish to Hades. I’ve also brandished my battle stripes in Battlefield 3 by taking down 5 or six enemies and changing from primary to secondary in the process. I could have sworn I was ... Read More »

Killzone Patch 1.14 Now Live


Guerrilla Games have sent live Killzone 3 patch 1.14 in preparation for big giveaway tonight, when every PSN member will be able to download the game’s multiplayer piece free of charge. Read More »

Killzone 3 Is Yours For Free Tonight

Killzone 3

Tonight, once the US PS Store is updated (Wednesday in Europe), Killzone 3′s multiplayer will become a free download for all PSN members. That means you’ll be able play the game’s full multiplayer component free of charge. Read More »

Killzone 3 Goes Free-2-Play Via PSN

killzone 3

You read the headline right, Sony will will make available for free Killzone 3′s multiplayer component on the PS Store. This means you’ll be able to play the game’s award-winning multiplayer without paying a dime. Read More »

Weekend Quencher 01/14/12 – Teamwork, Edition


Have you ever played a shooter with a group of guys who seemingly know NOTHING about teamwork? I usually quite these selfish, self-serving little jokes squad. If you game on the Saturdays, you’ve more than likely experienced it. It’s the weekend, guys, what are you up to? Read More »

New Killzone 3 Patch Coming Next Week, Fixes Multiple Issues

Guerrilla Games will send live a new update for Killzone 3 next week, one that will see many issues sorted, including making better the Engineer’s turrets, improving the StA-2 Battle Pistol by increasing its damage and shortening its detonation time, and finally adding map name on spawn screens. Get all the details below the break. Read More »

These Are The Top Five PS3 Exclusives

The Playstaion 3 has an impressive lineup of exclusive titles. This is great for Playstaion 3 owners but made my life extremely difficult when I had to pick just 5 to include is this weeks top 5. I managed it though, so here is Games Thirst’s top 5 Playstation 3 exclusive games. Read More »

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