Friday, September 5, 2014


Ken Kutaragi To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award At GDC


If  PlayStation is a thing today, it’s because of Ken Kutaragi. Yes, he fumbled the PS3, because of arrogance, which led to the leading brand’s decline during the last generation of gaming, but he is the same man who created PlayStation, and who oversaw the years of PlayStation 2, the most successful console in history. Read More »

PS1/PS2 Games Coming To PS4 – Report


A new report on Eurogamer is claiming that Sony is working to bring PS1 and PS2 games to PS4 — however it’s not through the recently announced PlayStation Now. Instead, according to the site’s sources, “PS1 and PS2 titles are set to follow the more conventional route of running locally under emulation on Sony’s latest console – but with the ... Read More »

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix incoming


During yesterday’s Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix unveiled a new HD collection of great titles coming to the Playstation 3. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix will include the first game of the series, but in its final version (Final Mix), as well as Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories, which debuted on the Gameboy Advance (as Chain of Memories) but ... Read More »

Killzone HD trophy list revealed


A post on the Killzone Blog revealed the meaty trophy list of Killzone HD, the remaster of PS2′s Killzone debut title, which will be part of the Killzone Trilogy planned to release on October 23. Read More »