Saturday, August 30, 2014
Sony Says PS4′s Main Selling Point Will Be “New Playing Options”, Not Raw Power

Sony Says PS4′s Main Selling Point Will Be “New Playing Options”, Not Raw Power

Most of the talk we’ve heard concerning PS3 has been about the system’s raw power, and how it’ll be more powerful than Xbox 360, but an unnamed PS3 executive has told Engadget that the new console to be revealed on February 20th, will be sold as a machine that offers “new playing options”, and one built to be the “nerve center” of the living room.

PS4 will be able to connect to and share with mobile devices, alluding to Edge’s PS4 controller share button rumor. New York City will be ablaze in 12 days. Or more like 11 days, 5hrs and 27 minutes.

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  • Alex Mason

    When they say new ways to play, I hope they don’t mean that new touch-pad on the controller.

  • Wolf1888

    Man I can’t wait!!!
    But that “Sony Says PS4′s Main Selling Point Will Be “New Playing Options”, Not Raw Power” kinda scares me. What I want is a beast machine that will run the best games ever, not some kind of motion-touch-action-speach-hologram-shenanigans kind of gameplay… What I’m saying is that I hope they do not try to re-think the way we play our videogames.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Wolf: Agreed. But I think we can rest easy, especially after seeing the leaked specs, that although Sony will try to cater to the casual crowed, we, the hardcore, have not been forgotten.
    In fact on the contrary, we’ve been on Sony’s mind all along. CANNOT WAIT!

  • Alex Mason

    @Ernice: Agreed!

  • Ghost250

    i don’t think adding a touch pad on a the dualshock is gonna change the way anyone plays games. personally just give me a standard controller and just let me play my games. adding forced functionality on products when they don’t need has got to be my biggest pet peeve when it comes to this industry.

    - Stardard DualShock 3/4
    - PS4 Console
    - Games

    that is all i need. stop forcing your Fucking motion controls, 3d, touch pads, tablet screens gimmicks down gamers throats.

  • Alex Mason

    @Ghost: Also agreed! Although I like the occasional gimmick once or twice, forcing people to do stuff that isn’t fun is money-wasting and stupid.

  • nick

    exactly what i was worried about!
    looks like the ps4 is going to be more of a playstationU and less of a playstation 4!
    what is it with $onys obsession with becoming nintendo lately!?
    no wonder they just announced another FY loss, and their stock suffered the biggest percentage decline in 4 freaking years!

  • Alex Mason

    @nick: Hey man, don’t get all fidgety. There is the possibility that Sony might actually make something nice, but this is Sony we are talking about and the PlayStation Move was a money grab from casual gamers and it somewhat failed.

    If they do add new ways to play, please make it fun to play.

  • nick

    could, but i aint holding my breath.