Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Rumor Water: Nintendo Working On New Home And Handheld Consoles Called Fusion


This is rumor water, so drink sparingly, but it appears, as per Nintendo News that, in light of Wii U’s dismal showing and Nintendo’s flailing quarterly results, that the company is simultaneously developing two powerful consoles: a handheld called Fusion DS and a home console dubbed Fusion Terminal. Specs were even released as part of the massive supposed leak, revealing ... Read More »

PS4 Drama:Half Of PS4 RAM Saved For OS, Only 4.5 For Gaming


Yesterday we told you about an article that’d be coming from Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry concerning PS4′s RAM. We didn’t know if it’d be good or bad, but it sounded like the latter. Today, it as been rumored by the site that PS4 reserves only 4.5 GB of RAM for games, while another massive 3.5 GB of RAM is saved for OS ... Read More »

Rumor: Wii U System Update Speeds Up CPU, GPU

Wii U (1)

15 EA games will skip Wii U, so will many other big titles from top publishers. Why? Mostly because the console isn’t capable enough, as the games that are coming out holiday season 2013 will be compatible with next-gen consoles, plus Wii U hasn’t sold like Nintendo was hoping. It’s a dilemma for the Mario maker, but according to a ... Read More »

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Coming To PS3 and PS4


Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the name alone brings a grimace to the face of gamers, as they’ve waited so many years for the oft-delayed title that we’ve lost count. Recently however, talk has been hot concerning the title, with new rumors claiming Sony’s been aiding in the game’s development, a move that will keep the RPG exclusive to the PlayStation ... Read More »