Friday, August 29, 2014
Weekend Quencher 02/09/13 – Thank You

Weekend Quencher 02/09/13 – Thank You

It’s been a fast week in the world of gaming, and without reservations, February 20th is approaching, the day when Sony will announce PlayStation 4. But while all this is happening, I would like to squeeze in a moment to say thank you. Thank you all for showing support for the site, and encouraging me after I introduced the new “Support Games Thirst” model.

It’s a blessing to read all the positive comments, and even a greater blessing to witness your continued commitment to our unique home, Games Thirst. Seriously, guys, I appreciate all of it!

Back to gaming….Well, back to all the PS4 heat. I’m now working on at least two articles before the event comes about, one titled, “PS4, Sony’s Chance To Dominate Again”, and another I have not yet titled.

Weekend Gaming

I like Crysis 3. I really do. I’ll be all up in its beta this weekend, and I’ll get some LittleBigPlanet 2 gaming in with my first lady.  And that’s it! Not much happening this weekend, thank God!

What are you good people doing throughout the weekend? I know a massive snowstorm is pounding the East coast of the U.S. How about my Canadian, Caribbean and European peeps? Let’s hear it, and have a blessed one!

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  • Wolf1888

    Well here in Canada, we have a lot of snow, on a daily basis, so.. Yea, somewhat of a storm is approaching, but nothing out of the usual.

    As of me, I started playing BF3 again (I actually never really stopped, but now I seem to play it way more often).

    I’m also thinking about trying Crysis3, everybody seems to love it, even though the videos aren’t convincing me yet. Oh well, I guess I’ll go try the beta, it’s free!

  • foxton

    weve had quite a bit of snow over the last month or two here in the North East of England. Nothing like the amounts that the NE of US got but it has been prologned and pretty constant. Woke up to another covering this morning and more expected today too.
    I had a very hectic weekend and didnt game at all over the whole weekend. I honestly cannot remeber the last time this happend, seriously years and years ago (except when im on holiday of course lol) Cannot wait to start getting into Sleeping Dogs tonight thanks to PS plus. I have some serious missed gaming to catch up on!!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I’m just looking forward to the 20th of this month! KZ!