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Weekend Quencher 10/15/10 – Our Pride And Joy Edition

by Ernice Gilbert on October 15th, 2010, under Other Stuff

People sometimes misunderstand gamers. They can’t fathom the medium and so they label us as “nerds”, or different. Different? May I remind them that there are more than 300 million of us globally; and if we add MMO gamers, that number climbs drastically? Hec almost every living soul has taken up a control and have had it at one point – even my mother knows about Mario or Donkey. God, she even knows Snake!

There’s no need to defend our pastime, however, it’s actually taking over the entertainment world, and will soon become number one.

Last year, Modern Warfare 2 blasted past $US300 million ($324.4 million) in sales on its opening day, blowing away Hollywood films to become the highest-grossing entertainment launch ever.

See, what they don’t get, the people who are fighting us in the Courts right now, or those who protested MOH, is that gaming is our pride and joy. We simply love it. We’ll talk about it for hours on end, get on our favorite website and comment on posts, read magazines, search out rumors, and yes, play like there was no tomorrow.

It’s the weekend, friends!

Weekend Quencher 10/08/10 – Columbus Play, Edition

by Ernice Gilbert on October 8th, 2010, under Other Stuff

There’s a time for everything underneath the sun; a time to laugh, a time to cry, a time to dance and a time to standstill. A time for jokes and a time to be serious, a time for more of the same, and yes, a time for change.

There’s also a time for gaming in our book, right Gamesthirst? Yes indeed, and although many will be celebrating Columbus Day over the weekend and on Monday, for us, it’s Columbus Play.

It’s the weekend, friends!

Weekend Quencher 10/01/10 — Let’s Talk Microsoft, Edition

by Ernice Gilbert on October 1st, 2010, under Other Stuff

And just like that, just like the morning that comes with a bright shinning sun, and fades into dark so another part of the world could enjoy its warmth, another week has come and gone.

But we’re still here are we not? Indeed. It’s because we share this common thing…. this passion for videogames and community. Have you guys realized that our industry’s one of the most innovative? It’s also the most fun place to be! Let’s be grateful for the developers who work so hard to bring us great experiences, hoping they continue to do just that.

Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, too. Those three companies are the major players in the console market, and it’s because of them we’re having so much fun today. We’ll talk about Sony and Nintendo another time but today, over the weekend, right here on the quencher, let’s focus our minds on Microsoft shall we?

It’s the weekend, friends.

Weekend Quencher 09/24/10 – We Are One Family

by Ernice Gilbert on September 24th, 2010, under Other Stuff

Has anyone here ever been in love with a woman? I’m sure you have. It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world, isn’t it? — Especially for us guys: We can’t get off the phone so we talk hours without pause. At times, food becomes tasteless — all we want to do is chat with our “baby”. To spend time, quality time with her, taking risks, giving her things we can’t afford. Can I get a witness?

This may sound a bit strange but it’s the same way I feel about Gamesthirst. Not the layout and design of the website, not the countless news pieces we post up each day, no, none of that. It’s you, the Gamesthirst user. From the veterans like Nick, to fresh faces like Ghost250 and THE GAME and our very involved family members like ExclusivesMostly and RedBullGT33.

Not forgeting Linlinjr and os1019, all you guys make this website what it is today: A place where gamers can come and have a good time discussing games. It’s gone beyond that, too. We’ve formed an online clan where we meet to play the very same titles we discuss here, something that helps strengthen our bonds. Also, coming soon is the site’s very own podcast, a feature many have asked for — we could probably call it “Pod Quencher”? I don’t know, you think of something.

And on that note, it’s the weekend, friends, what are you up to?

Weekend Quencher 09/17/10 — Tokyo Game Show Edition

by Ernice Gilbert on September 17th, 2010, under Other Stuff

What a mind-boggling, earth-shattering and thirst quenching past few days it’s been. TGS brought us many new titles, more details on those we already knew existed, and even a few surprises.

New screens, videos and even a game overhaul, one that’s proving to be immensely unpopular with fans, came courtesy of The Tokyo Game Show. So who, in your opinion, won the show?

Again, I’d say Sony, but Microsoft’s wasn’t bad either.

There’s lots to talk about, folks, it’s the weekend!

Weekend Quencher 09/10/10 – Introducing The Games Thirst Online Clan

by Ernice Gilbert on September 10th, 2010, under Other Stuff

Certain things are better when done alone; know what I mean? Think about it: no guy who’s serious about being in a relationship with a woman, brings his best friend along for the first date with her. Insanity. Likewise, no man takes a bath with another man. Unpleasant.

Even with our beloved past time, some games are more fun on a solo run. I could think of many titles, but God of War 3 exemplifies this situation the best.

There are, however, times when you need a team. Times when victory, especially when it comes to online multiplayer, can only be attained through cooperation. You know what I’m getting at.

It’s a very special weekend for us, GT!

Weekend Quencher 8/27/10

by Ernice Gilbert on August 27th, 2010, under Other Stuff

It’s Friday Games Thirst, you know what time it is. Time to share with your gaming family what you’re playing, doing, eating, drinking, and any functions you’re attending this weekend. Seriously, the weekend quencher affords for all the aforementioned and then some.

Weekend Quencher 08/21/10 – Gamescom Edition

by Ernice Gilbert on August 21st, 2010, under Other Stuff

What a momentous week it was! Gamescom only recently came to a close and already next year’s event is dated for August 17th through August 21st, 2011. This year’s show was great, though.

But who won? To me, it was Sony, hands down. Microsoft’s presser was poor.

Weekend Quencher 8/14/10 – More QuakeCon Coverage And Game Impressions

by Ernice Gilbert on August 14th, 2010, under Other Stuff

Our very own David Allison is at QuakeCon in Texas and he’s doing a mighty fine job bringing you the very latest updates. Check out his Rage demo impressions here. Today, the event is in full swing, so swing your way past the break to be informed on what we have in store for you.

Oh, and by the way, it’s the weekend!

Weekend Quencher 6/08/10

by Ernice Gilbert on August 6th, 2010, under Other Stuff

What a momentous week it has been here on GT. Exciting discussions, new members, breaking news and so much more. If only we could get some of the new guys to share with us what they do on the weekends.

For me, it’s another busy, busy one.

Weekend Quencher 07/30/10

by Ernice Gilbert on July 30th, 2010, under Other Stuff

Another Weekend is upon us Games Thirst, and to be honest, it still feels like Wednesday here. Again, time waits for no man.

It’ll be yet another busy one for me, I should be on the move as we speak. Events happening all over the place, and don’t you know I’ll be part of every single one of them? Sigh.

Weekend Quencher 23/07/10

by Ernice Gilbert on July 23rd, 2010, under Other Stuff

And here we are again, GamesThirst. Another weekend is upon us as time, it seems, is not in the business of waiting on man. We have very little of it because technology advances and we get bogged down into the latest iPhone, iPad, get caught up on FaceBook, Twitter and so many other distractions, all that while trying to enjoy our favorite past time.

Do you realize what’s happening? It’s not that time is moving any faster, it’s actually the opposite: We have little time to pause and smell the roses, so to speak.

But you know me, I’m the type of guy who loves hanging out with friends and taking a spin around the City. Going to parties, having fun with human beings that are not virtual. That’s why you’ll be hard pressed to find my in Sony’s room called HOME; just not my thing. I’m the type of fella who loves to touch and feel.

Weekend Quencher 07/17/10 – Ernice Sings At A Wedding Reception

by Ernice Gilbert on July 17th, 2010, under Other Stuff

Oh boy, what a week it has been. I feel like, sometimes, I need to take a rest from this industry, but I can’t! I love it too much. And that’s why you’re here everyday isn’t it? The news, articles, videos, etc., that brings a warm feeling to your soul. But don’t feel bad because if it.

I don’t see basketball fans, who play morning, noon and night worry about their favorite pass time. Neither do I hear folks who play soccer every afternoon say they had enough. As long as you’re staying out of trouble, game on, and so we, as gamers, game on.

It’s the weekend GamesThirst, what are you guys doing?

Weekend Quencher

You probably realized that the Weekend Quencher post didn’t go live yesterday. Well, that’s because I can’t believe the weekend is already upon us. Why are the days passing by so fast? Maybe it’s because, these days, our lives are so caught up. You know, before we had time to actually sit and talk to a friend, now everyone’s on Facebook or Twitter, and sending text messages, watching videos, playing with their new iPhone or messing around with the latest Android, or doing something else.

We have no time to pause anymore, and that’s a darn shame. And so, it seems as if time runs away from us but we’re really the ones who are running away from time.

Weekend Quencher 07/25/10

by Ernice Gilbert on June 25th, 2010, under Other Stuff

And just like that, another weekend is upon us. It’s been rather slow week in gaming I’d say. We mostly dealt with the aftermath of E3 this week, with post E3 interviews being released, where a wealth of information can be found.

Our very own Aaron Greenberg interview will be up soon, though, so look forward to that. In the future, we plan on bringing you more of them, so you could hear first hand from the developers, and other important industry people, their take on things.

Other than that, not much is going on here, really. I’ll be attending services throughout the weekend, in between, steal some time to play some games. I think I’ll tackle ModNationRacers with my wife….

Hopefully I should have that review up for you. Yeah, that reloaded Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots Review I’ve promised.

But enough about me, what are you guys up to?