Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Demon’s Souls Is A Game That Should’nt Have Been Made Says Sony Producer

But because of multiple occurrences that forged a perfect situation, including schedules, time of release etc., it has become one of the most talked about titles ever created.

In fact so amazing is the success the game’s enjoying, SCE producer, Takeshi Kajii uttered, “we were lucky”.

Speaking to next-gen, the exec admits that it was more than just happenstance that lead to the game’s release and success, it was luck.

“In truth, that we could allow the project such creative freedom was thanks to fortunate timing and release schedules. In that sense, we were lucky. This is not the kind of game that companies can generally afford to make without a perfect storm of good timing, skilled individuals and management willingness to take a risk.”

He continued: “From a marketing perspective, Demon’s Souls is a project that should never have been initiated. But I have the feeling now that if you are solid in your ideas, design and process you can succeed.

I hope that Demon’s Souls has become evidence that an original title, one with a very different approach from the norm, can receive recognition and success. I want to believe this game is helping to bring about a change in that thinking, that its success and recognition is going to pave the way for other original titles to be developed and noticed.”

Well, we here are glad you made the game. It’s one of the best this generation.

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  • nick

    its the games that should not be made which are the ones that should!
    risky titles are normally the best of the bunch, because normally if there risky that means there unique.
    if somethings been done before than its not really risky, if it has not than it is because devs and such have no indication if people will like it enough to part cash for it.
    this and heavy rain are perfect examples of that, especially heavy rain was a massive risk because it cost a crap load of money to make, was so story driven and is a QTE fest!
    but you know what?
    i would not have it any other way!
    the industry is far to safe guarded these days, instead of straying away from the norm devs are more comfortable following the sheep off the cliff!
    im sick of playing the same types of games over and over again, for once id like to put a game into a console and say i have not played this before!
    a little originality people!

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:

    I completely agree with you. However, you must remember that there are gamers out there who don’t feel the same way. And developers want their games to sell so they could make money and bring more titles to the market.

    You are aware that there are studios out there that are so cash strapped that if they make one bad title they’ll go bankrupt.

    It’s rough.

  • nick

    of course, thats the whole point of making the game accessible to everyone!
    If they made the game the same as it is now but have that as hard mode, than add 2 other easier difficulties for others.
    they essentially cut there customer base by a quarter if not more by making it so hard!

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