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Weekend Quencher 09/03/10 – The Collectors And DLC Edition

There are few things that you just don’t do in life: 1. You don’t ever ask a woman her age; instead, choose to guess how old she is. When you’ve successfully lied, guessing her age about 3 years younger than she actually is, act surprise if she says she’s older. 2. Never married a woman who’s a hardcore gamer because the both of you will have no lives apart from this addictive world – you need balance. And thirdly, Never forget to put up the Weekend Quencher for Gamesthirst users.

It’s the weekend, GT!

This weekend should be interesting as we try and tackle the subject matter of DLC and the reasons for keeping a game even after you’ve beaten it.

One of our faithful users, ExclusivesMostly, told me during the week that he recently traded in four games at a GameStop and Heavy Rain was one of them. He said he did it because Sony didn’t released the promised DLC, and so he found no reason for keeping HR any longer.

I beg to differ. I think that there are games you just keep for your collection. Maybe I’m just too old, (only 28) but I just love to see some of the most memorable titles sitting atop my shelf. Mr. ExclusivesMostly, you should go and buy back that game.

And about DLC, developers are milking gamers hard on this one, releasing content that should have already been in the game. I’m starting to think that soon we’ll need to buy the ending of the games that we’ve already purchased. At the rate we’re moving, it might just happen.

It’s crazy.

Anyways, as usual, any talk goes; from issues of life, of gaming, love, and everything in between.

Oh, and before I forget: what are you up to?

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  • RedBullGT33

    Do you think xbox is going to release a new console in the next couple of years? I do not think they will, but if Kinect fails what will they do? It seems like they have started abandoning the core gamer for the casual gamer. If they focus mainly on Kinect for the next year or so and if fails, how bad do you think their core base will be? I am thinking most of them will have already moved to the ps3 and I hope MS does not think that they can just come back to the core base and expect to be greeted with open arms. They just abandoned them to make more money and now know they will make more money with the core base. I think if Kinect fails, MS in general will be in big trouble in the gaming business.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I agree with your points. Microsoft’s expecting Kinect to make it loads of money. In the push to accomplish said goal, they’ve neglected the hardcore. Sony on the other hand is dead set focus on the hardcore, even while pushing Move and what not.

  • RedBullGT33

    Sony is not trying to be something they are not. They know they are a hardcore console and if they abandon the core crowd then they are abandoning who they are. Same thing with Wii, they know that they are a casual console and will not change that. MS on the other is having an identity crisis. They cannot decide if they want to be core or casual. They just want to fallow the money, but you can’t just do that. The consumer will start losing confidence in you. They might get worried that today you are for core gamers and tomorrow you are casual. MS needs to find what they want to be and stick with it. Sony is doing it and Nintendo is doing it, and MS needs to do it too. I think a lot of this can be contributed to the fact that MS has not been in the gaming industry as long. Sony and Nintendo have already established themselves, but MS hasn’t. It doesn’t look like they will establish themselves anytime soon either, unless they can choose who they want to be.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    That’s an excellent write up RedBullGT33. You’re totally right when you say MS is having an identity crisis. “Following the money”, it seems, will get them nothing but loss.

    Thing is, if MS realizes that they’re failing, they’ll jump and release the next Xbox. Microsoft’s pockets are deep.

  • RedBullGT33

    Yeah, but I wonder how bad their fan base will be hurt. For me, I will not buy it for two reasons: one- it will probably be overpriced and in this economy I can’t buy it, two- why would I trust them anymore, they abandoned me once, what will stop them from doing that again.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    Yeah, true points, MS is really building a bad rep for itself there… Something has to change.

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