Saturday, September 6, 2014
PS4 Could Come Bundled With “Dual Camera”

PS4 Could Come Bundled With “Dual Camera”

Some are calling it the PlayStation Eye, but apparently, according to info dug up by VG Leaks, the new PlayStation Eye is an “evolutionized” HD version of the Eye Toy which comes ready with a pair of wide-angle cameras with 720p resolution. The camera will boast a “4 microphone array working at 48 khz,” that can be used for video chat, and is able to recognize the PS4 user when he/she logs in.

The toy will track head movements as well as game inputs, however it’s not known if it’ll be able to detect body movement, a la Kinect. PS4 is expected to be shown on February 20th, in New York City. Latest rumor suggests Killzone 4 will be revealed there, a game that’s set to launch alongside the new console, apparently. – It’s all rumor water, folks. Drink sparingly.

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  • Alex Mason

    If it comes bundled with the console then that is amazing.

  • Wolf1888

    Yea, I agree. I doubt they will do that, though. They will probably HAVE a bundle that comes with it, but it will probably be a little hundred more bucks.
    But hey, I can be wrong.

  • Alex Mason

    @Wolf: Lets hope you’re wrong. XD

  • nick

    sorry $ony, but i could not care less about kinect and i could not care less about this.
    if i wanted to have the mental asylum called on my because my neighbor kept peeking in the window and seeing me flailing my arms around and talking to my TV, id do something a little more fun and imaginative than this!