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Sony Europe Hacked, No Personal Data Stolen

by Ernice Gilbert on June 6th, 2011, under News, SCEE, Sony

According to YahooNews, Sony Europe was the victim of a cyber attack, however no sensitive data was stolen.

US Senator Pleased With Sony’s Response To PSN Disaster, Says Others Should Follow Suit

by Ernice Gilbert on May 11th, 2011, under Hot, News, PSN, SCEA, SCEE, SCEJ, Sony

The same Senator who wrote an open letter to Sony asking the giant why it took so long to inform customers that their sensitive information had been compromised, has come out and praise the firm for its swift response and the the help it’s offered customers in the wake of the situation. He even said Sony’s response “could serve as a model for other companies facing similar criminal hacking”.

Agony: Sony’s Seventh Generation PlayStation Story

Inside Sony Japan, where most massive company decisions are made, the mood must have been joyful when it was time to release PS3: “Guys we have no competition!” PlayStation father Ken Kutaragi must have proclaimed. “PS2 is the most successful console ever made, and with over 130 million (at the time) sold, the PS3 will have even more success!” I imagine he didn’t stop there either, with his confidence beaming, and Sony wanting to once again put out the most compelling machine they’d ever forged, all sorts of technology must have been considered, and although price would’ve definitely be an issue, Sony wasn’t afraid.

“They’ll buy it!” I could hear Hirai siding with Kutaragi, “it’s PlayStation, damn it! Look at how many PS2s were sold!” Things were getting a bit touchy though, price range had shot up from $399 to now $599 and some execs were perturbed. “Are we showing too much confidence in our userbase?” Another thought to himself, yet he failed to utter the thing, since the two big dogs in the room held all the say. So Blu-Ray was implemented, OtherOS, Cell Technology – and the final product was a massive technological accomplishment, but one that came with a great price.

Ray Maguire Leaves PlayStation UK After 17 Years

by Ernice Gilbert on April 5th, 2011, under News, SCEE, Sony

After serving PlayStation Europe’s UK branch from its inception, Ray Maguire will leave the company to pursue a new venture.

Guerrilla Games Ends Support For Killzone 2, Give Fans No Prior Warning

by Ernice Gilbert on February 13th, 2011, under Guerrilla Games, News, SCEE, Sony

We all know Killzone 3 is coming full speed towards us, and understandably, Guerrilla Games are making an extra effort to make sure all goes well for the game’s release, and that the multiplayer aspect is intact. GG’s dedication to Killzone 3 is great and all, but that’s causing something else to occur: no one at the studio’s paying attention to the Killzone 2 community, and all signs are pointing to a full dismantling of that game’s mp.

Over 62 Million Kills Have Already Occurred In KZ3′s Beta, Ten Percent Brutal Melee

by Ernice Gilbert on February 9th, 2011, under Guerrilla Games, Hot, News, SCEE, Sony

Killzone 3′s Open Beta hasn’t even been live for a full week, yet there’s been over 62 million kills, with ten percent of that being brutal melee kills. Impressive. Guerrilla Games have also been listening to the many complaints gamers have voiced. Ranging from connection issues, to stats issues, and even flickering screens.

Preview: I Stopped Playing Black Ops After One Night In KZ3′s Open Beta

by Ernice Gilbert on February 8th, 2011, under Guerrilla Games, Previews, SCEE, Sony

Everyone once in a while, a game comes along that takes you away from civilization for extreme lengths of time. You can’t really tell how it happened; a friend told you about it, you read a few reviews and decided to walk down to the local Walmart and purchase the thing.

You popped the game into your console, started playing the single player and when you had completed that portion of it, you ventured online into its multiplayer. The rest, then, became history. Night and day you played, neglecting your friends, wife – school and even work. You became addicted.

That’s what Black Ops did to me. I’d find myself playing countless hours of Domination, Capture The Flag and Team Deathmatch. I sincerely thought that I’d be hooked until the next Call of Duty title arrived. But just like a man who stayed with one woman until his true love arrived, I ditched Treyarch’s game since launching into the Killzone 3 beta, and haven’t ventured back.

Romeo has finally met his Juliet.

Killzone 3 Gets Walmart Midnight Launch, Giveaways And More

by Ernice Gilbert on February 7th, 2011, under Guerrilla Games, Hot, News, SCEE, Sony

The Killzone 3 hype train is in full tempo, with reviews already hitting the web and the beta code in full action now on PSN. But Sony’s just getting started.

If you can’t wait until the morning of February 22nd to pick up the game, SCEA’s got a plan that will suit you perfectly. Midnight launch parties at Walmart stores around the country. What say you?

SCEE Studio Liverpool Hiring For New Project

by Ernice Gilbert on July 30th, 2010, under Hot, News, SCEE

Sony’s at it again. I reckon, it’s the reason the company from the land of the rising sun has been able to stay ahead of Microsoft in terms of blockbuster titles. It’s their “secret weapon” so to speak: exclusives, exclusives, and more exclusives.

Now there’s talk that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Liverpool studio’s hiring for yet another project. You have any skills to be a senior designer? The job’s yours, then.