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Agony: Sony’s Seventh Generation PlayStation Story

Inside Sony Japan, where most massive company decisions are made, the mood must have been joyful when it was time to release PS3: “Guys we have no competition!” PlayStation father Ken Kutaragi must have proclaimed. “PS2 is the most successful console ever made, and with over 130 million (at the time) sold, the PS3 will have even more success!” I imagine he didn’t stop there either, with his confidence beaming, and Sony wanting to once again put out the most compelling machine they’d ever forged, all sorts of technology must have been considered, and although price would’ve definitely be an issue, Sony wasn’t afraid.

“They’ll buy it!” I could hear Hirai siding with Kutaragi, “it’s PlayStation, damn it! Look at how many PS2s were sold!” Things were getting a bit touchy though, price range had shot up from $399 to now $599 and some execs were perturbed. “Are we showing too much confidence in our userbase?” Another thought to himself, yet he failed to utter the thing, since the two big dogs in the room held all the say. So Blu-Ray was implemented, OtherOS, Cell Technology – and the final product was a massive technological accomplishment, but one that came with a great price.

The Embarrassing Entrance Of The PS3

by Ernice Gilbert on August 6th, 2010, under Hot, Microsoft, News, Sony

“What happened?” was the question Kaz Hirai asked as he replaced Sony executive and PlayStation legend Ken Kutaragi. He could hardly fathom what was taking place. “Can someone please explain to me how hell Microsoft’s now ahead of us in the seventh generation of gaming?!” He could suddenly feel blood racing thrice the speeds it normally does to his heart. “We made the PS2 damn it! It’s the best selling console ever forged, and now, 2 years later, they’re ahead of us?!”

Although Hirai had a plan, he knew it wouldn’t be easily executed. Stay focus, he thought, it’ll be a long and dreary road. And so it was. Because although the PS3′s doing mighty good now, its early days were tremulous to say the least.

GamesThirst takes a look at the PlayStation 3′s unstable and embarrassing entrance into the seventh generation of gaming.