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Agony: Sony’s Seventh Generation PlayStation Story

Inside Sony Japan, where most massive company decisions are made, the mood must have been joyful when it was time to release PS3: “Guys we have no competition!” PlayStation father Ken Kutaragi must have proclaimed. “PS2 is the most successful console ever made, and with over 130 million (at the time) sold, the PS3 will have even more success!” I ... Read More »

PS3′s Sold 3 Million Units In France Since Launch

Different strokes for different folks, so while in the U.S. the Wii and Xbox 360 lead the PS3 in install base, France is a totally different ball game. Sony’s just announced that since it launched PS3 in France in March of 2007, the console’s sold more than 3 million units there. Read More »

Xbox 360 To Beat Wii Sales In US, Says Analyst

Xbox 360, last month, sold 535,000 units making it the console’s “biggest non-holiday month of sales in the U.S. in the history of the Xbox,” according to NPD. This has prompted analyst Doug Creutz to believe that in the next 11 months, Microsoft’s console will beat Nintendo’s install base in America. Read More »

PS3 To Pass Xbox 360 For Good Says Analyst

Ah, forget all the North America victories Microsoft’s experiencing with its Xbox 360 when it comes to sales and install base; it’s the world that matters according to the analysts. And considering the world is a big place, DFC Intelligence’s David Cole believes Sony’s PS3 has the advantage and will soon overtake the Xbox 360′s lead for good. Smoking tires ... Read More »

PS3 Can Catch Xbox 360 Says EA

Sometimes I like to think that PS2 has repeated itself with PS3, just looking at the system’s rough and almost suicidal entrance into this, the eighth generation of consoles, brings back vivid memories of its older sibling. But can the PS3 reign supreme, overtaking the Xbox 360′s install base before this generation is out? I think not, But Europe boss ... Read More »

PS3 Better Value Than 360 With Blu-ray Says Pachter, MS Will Cut 360′s Price If Sony Gains Ground

Sony’s PS3′s been slightly outselling the Xbox 360 in worldwide markets some reports suggest, but nonetheless, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has kept things close. From the onset, it was Microsoft’s goal to beat the PS3 install base in install base, and we imagine Redmond will do anything to accomplish said goal. Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst, Michael Pachter, agrees. He believes if ... Read More »

Amen, Sony

From the original PlayStation to now, Sony’s been bringing the fun and innovation. They’ve been in this industry for over fifteen years, and while there, have literally lead the pack; forcing the others to follow. Often criticized but never cast aside, many times ridiculed but in the end, always having the last laugh, the company from the land of the ... Read More »

PS3 Could Still “Win”

I’m sure you’re familiar with this article. And you must be saying, ‘this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about’, right? Well, I still stand by my estimates, especially if Microsoft and Nintendo decide to launch their next systems in 2012. However, even if they did, there is still a way for Sony to win in terms of console install ... Read More »

Report: Half Of Xbox 360 Owners Are PlayStation 2 Defects

The Xbox 360 launched over five years ago, and although many didn’t expect it to garner as much popularity as any of Sony’s brands, it did. Microsoft apparently knew what they were doing when they decided to launch first, and while Sony was yet beaming with overconfidence over the PS2′s success, they thought nothing MS could do would quench the ... Read More »

The Reasons Why PS3 Will End Up In last Place This Console Generation

PS3, the most powerful gaming console on the market has also been the most talked about, ridiculed and damned in this, the seventh generation of consoles. You remember don’t you? When it launched back in 2006, media outlets big and small had much to say about the black box. Would it survive? Most journalists doubted it. Was it too expensive? ... Read More »

Sony “Hopes” PS3 Will Take Over Xbox 360 In The Long Run

Sony has been on an upward move ever since the redesigned PS3 slim, and a cheaper price point were announced last year at GamesCom in Cologne Germany. Sales have been through the roof, first party titles, such as Uncharted 2 has been leading the innovative path, with the future looking even brighter. Many analysts have predicted that in the not ... Read More »