Thursday, January 29, 2015

Xbox 360 To Beat Wii Sales In US, Says Analyst

Xbox 360, last month, sold 535,000 units making it the console’s “biggest non-holiday month of sales in the U.S. in the history of the Xbox,” according to NPD. This has prompted analyst Doug Creutz to believe that in the next 11 months, Microsoft’s console will beat Nintendo’s install base in America.

“This illustrates the significant shift that has gone on over the last year in the console space,” Creutz said. “The Wii was outselling the 360 and PlayStation 3 combined on a trailing twelve months (TTM) basis as recently as January 2010, and was outselling the 360 alone by 2:1 on a TTM basis in December 2009 and 1.5:1 in October 2010.”

“Over the last three years, TTM total US Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/Wii hardware unit sales have remained relatively consistent in the 17-19 million unit range (18.2 million as of February), so this does represent a share shift as opposed to just a decline for the Wii.

We believe the significant shift in hardware sales towards HD consoles is a positive ongoing development for the US publishers, who earn the majority of their sales on the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3.”

It’s definitely possible, especially with the advent of Kinect, and 360s being bundled with the motion sensing camera. Microsoft’s really done well this gen with the Xbox 360.


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