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PS3 To Pass Xbox 360 For Good Says Analyst

by Ernice Gilbert on November 13th, 2010, under Hot, News

Ah, forget all the North America victories Microsoft’s experiencing with its Xbox 360 when it comes to sales and install base; it’s the world that matters according to the analysts. And considering the world is a big place, DFC Intelligence’s David Cole believes Sony’s PS3 has the advantage and will soon overtake the Xbox 360′s lead for good.

Smoking tires and all.

That’s what he told Industry Gamers recently, citing a lack of diversity from the Xbox 360 in appealing to “a broader international market”. According to Cole, Microsoft probably should have targeted the European market a bit more heavily.

“We have been forecasting for the past 3 years that the PS3 would catch up to the 360 by 2011. I think the big issue is that the 360 has been primarily the platform for FPS games and has lacked the diversity to appeal to a broader international market…mainly Japan and Europe where Sony is very strong. The Xbox 360 was just much stronger in North America than it was globally,” he said.

“The main issue I think is Sony (and also Nintendo) being so strong in Europe and Japan. I think in terms of doing things differently they should probably have focused more on Europe and just given up on Japan. They would have had a better chance in Europe.”

And what of Kinect, will it be popular enough to strain Sony’s momentum? Cole doesn’t think so, the company from the land of the rising sun’s push forward is simply to strong.

“Going forward I don’t know if there is much they can do. They will try with the Kinect but I don’t see that working. I think the PS3 will soon pass the 360 for good,” said the analyst.

Cole’s not too forgiving of Microsoft either. While other analysts gave Redmond credit for being fairly new to the gaming industry compared to Sony and Nintendo, he was rather blunt.

Here’s Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan:

“What did people expect? They have a huge advantage in Japan, have been roughly equal in Europe and pretty far behind in the U.S. It is only a matter of time before the lead in Japan erodes the lead in the U.S. I would NOT say that anything has gone ‘wrong.’ At the beginning of the cycle, I thought PS3 would win because of greater loyalty in Europe and a stacked deck in Japan.

Nintendo surprised me greatly with their phenomenal sales, and after a year or two, I said that I thought Sony would still finish second due to the Japanese advantage. I now think that with Kinect and a pricing advantage, Microsoft might hold them off, and I certainly don’t think that Microsoft has done anything wrong at all.”

Here’s EEDAR’s Jesse Divnich:

“Nothing went wrong. The achievements of the Xbox 360 are incredible,” he uttered. “It went from fighting for a distant second place last generation to now being considered one of the healthiest platforms to develop for. The PlayStation 2 outsold the Xbox nearly 7 to 1 in Europe and nearly 40 to 1 in Japan. In 2010, PlayStation 3 is outselling the Xbox 360 a tad over 1 to 1 in Europe and only about 10 to 1 in Japan.

For a company that entered the video game space late, going up against two competitors with decades of loyal gamers, Microsoft should be proud of their accomplishments. Any faults to point out would simply be nitpicking.”

Interesting thoughts. Yours?

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  1. Sun, 14th Nov 2010 at 2:29 am

    M$ have done a incredible job, coming from dead last last gen to beating who was last gens giant down to a baby.
    im not so sure its over yet though, if M$ really start pushing kinect to its full potential, get every single one of there games working on it, and put some of there first parties to good use, than, everyones going to have to run all the way too the finish line.
    as the saying goes its not over till the fat lady sings, and ATM shes still fast asleep!

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