Friday, April 19, 2013

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The War Z Has Been Hacked

The War Z was hacked a few weeks ago and it was feared that user account details were at the mercy of those behind the attack. However, publisher OP Productions has assured players that their details weren’t accessed. Read More »

18,000 Bioware Accounts Hacked

Bioware’s confirmed that 18,000 of its user accounts have been the victim a yet another hack attack that’s been plaguing the gaming industry recently, this time through an old Neverwinter Nights forums. Read More »

Has Sony Been Hacked Again? New Website Lets You Know

It’s pretty difficult keeping up with the amount of hacks the gaming industry’s been plagued with as of recent. From Codemasters to Nintendo, from Epic Games to the company that’s felt the brunt of the pain, Sony. But now you won’t have to search the internet scouring for the latest information on whether you information’s safe or not, as a ... Read More »

Codemasters Have Been Hacked

Codemasters, the developer behind many great titles including Dirt 3, has confirmed that it’s website has suffered an “attack” and “intrusion” last Saturday. Sad part is, personal information has been compromised. Read More »

Sony: Over 24.6 Million SOE Accounts Affected

Sony confirmed tonight that along with the PSN breach which occurred two weeks ago, it’s online portal, Sony Online Entertainment, has been severely hacked and along with over 12,700 credit cards information stolen, a staggering 24.6 million accounts were affected. Read More »

Rumor Water – New PSN Hack Shows Unbelievable Lack Of Credit Card Security (Update)

Update: This rumor has been proven untrue, which is great news for everyone. Original Story: Sony’s now banning any and everybody who’s trying to access PSN with hacked consoles, but the added pressure the giant’s mounting might be more than just an effort of trying to keep pirates and cheaters away, it might also be about other important information that’s ... Read More »

Want To Jailbreak Your PS3? Buy The “Original Solution”

My God. Life’s funny isn’t it? You do something illegal and you spread the news around the web hoping it ignites into a firestorm. It does. Moments later, your illegal work gets cloned and the culprit’s selling for dirt cheap. What do you do, then? Tell everyone that your “work” is the real and what the other guy’s doing is ... Read More »