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Bioshock Infinite First Review Is Up, Flying High

_Bioshock Infinite

IGN’s been granted the first exclusive review of Bioshock Infinite and, needless to say, the site’s proven the game to be a hit. It’s flying high, people. A must-buy effort from Irrational Games. Review score and snippets of the reviewer’s findings inside. Read More »

Now Reviewing: God of War: Ascension (Update)

God of War_Ascension

Update: I’ve been playing the game since Tuesday, but it’s turned out longer than I expected, as I’m trying to get a thorough feel of the title, scouring every local. I’m almost to the end, by the way (27th chapter I believe), so I already have an overview of how I  feel the latest installment turned out. You’ll know my ... Read More »

Crysis 3 Reviews Are Live – Apathy

Crysis 3

Crysis 3 is out today in the U.S. and on Friday in Europe, however the game failed to impress critics, with Kotaku plainly telling gamers to stay way from this one. There’s a sense of apathy here. Scores inside. Read More »

First Crysis 3 Review Is In, 9/10

Crysis 3

The first Crysis 3 review is in, and apart from hailing the game as the best looking title on consoles, it also wins in almost every other area, bar its length, which lasts for just about 5hrs, including side missions. Read More »

Dead Space 3 Reviews Arrive – Mixed Bag

dead space 3new

Dead Space 3 is out today and reviews for the game have finally hit gaming’s web. However it seems as if Visceral’s effort has caused more confusion than clarity, as some critics have given the horror title high scores, while others like Videogamer score it 5/10. Scores inside. Read More »

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