Sunday, September 14, 2014
PS4 Controller L2 And R2 Buttons Changed For The Better

PS4 Controller L2 And R2 Buttons Changed For The Better

Approximately one week before Sony reveals PS4, a new rumor has surfaced concerning the machine’s controller, Dual Shock 4, rumoring that there’s indeed a front touch pad, and that the legacy L2 and R2 buttons have been remodeled for the better.

As a consequence of the new touch pad, the start and select buttons have been  inconvenienced and moved elsewhere.

Recent rumors pin the console down for a late 2013 release, and a price tag of $400. It’ll also feature Gaikai tech, apparently.

PlayStation 4 is expected to be revealed next Wednesday.

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  • Alex Mason

    It would be awesome if they were curved.

  • Ghost250

    you know i can’t wait till the 20th, so all these rumors can finally be put to rest. that’s if they show the PS4 at all

  • linglingjr

    Wow PS4 is only rumored to be $400? It’s funny because the video card I plan on buying in a few months costs that much :3

  • Wolf1888

    cant wait!

  • nick

    i really hope its not a touch pad, that is so freaking stupid!
    touchscreen fine, but not touch pad!
    i REALLY hope $ony has some sort of gamepad, otherwise there really shooting themselves in the foot especially for multiplatform games being equal.
    even just using the console to surf the web, its really convenient and useful to have a touch sensitive screen.
    dont make us use the vita!