Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Video Thirst: Top 5 Game Engines Of The Future

Video Thirst: Top 5 Game Engines Of The Future

There are many different things that can make a game good, but Something that is so often ignored is the technology behind the games. A solid game engine doesn’t create a fun game but it gives developers the tools to construct masterpieces. So lets look at what engines will be powering the next generation of titles, in Games Thirst’s Top 5 Game Engines of the future.

In the video we are looking into the future. What do you think is the best game engine of today? Frostbite 2, CryEngine 3, Id Tech 5 or maybe the Source Engine? Share your thoughts bellow.

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  • nick

    definitely not source, its as old as time itself!
    it certainly was impressive back in its time when HL came out, but its getting pretty outdated now!
    ATM no engine has impressed me as much as CE3!
    SO many engines out there these days focus on either excelling with lighting effects cough frostbite 2, and the rest focus on excelling with particle effects like UE.
    CE3 is different though, its not jack of all trades master of one, its jack of all trades master of all!
    as in it does everything better than what the competition does!
    the lighting engine is just as good as FB2 if not better, and its particle effects oh my freaking lord!
    go spend 6K on a PC, download the MALdO HD texture packs and other mods, and watch your eyes bleed!
    the witcher 2 looks fan freaking tastic for a standard mod free game, but when you have the right mods installed NOTHING can touch crysis 2!
    even the crysis arrival mod pack which is a reinvision of the original crysis in CE3, that made me cry its so beautiful!

    and crysis 3 looks even better just from what crytek are doing, i cant freaking wait till we start to see some mods on it!
    so current gen nothing can touch cry engine 3, as for next gen engines well the luminous engines amazed me most.
    $E has not shown much of it off so its a bit unfair to say just yet since epic have shown so many different features of the engine where $E really have just showed one short demo.
    but just judging from what was shown at E3 luminous engine impressed me more.
    UE4 has better particle effects and seems to be so easy to use all in real time, but the lighting effects of $Es demo, the girls arm and when the old man steps out of the cave the detail in his beard and the light blinding him.
    and the sparks flying off the roof from the lightening were seriously impressive!