Sunday, February 1, 2015
David Cox Wants To Leave Castlevania Behind, Start Work On Contra

David Cox Wants To Leave Castlevania Behind, Start Work On Contra

You would think after releasing the most successful Castlevania in franchise history, David Cox and his company Mercury Steam would be content with churning out sequel after sequel of the popular and beloved game, but that’s not the Case. In fact, Mercury Steam would love to leave Castlevania behind after Lords Of Shadow 2 is shipped.

One of the reasons for this is because of legacy: “Well, I think it’s about wanting to leave a legacy,” Cox told VG247. “And I don’t want to be in charge of a series that perhaps over a certain time is going to decline. I’d rather go out with a bang and leave that as our legacy in the Castlevania universe.”

But what if Lords Of Shadow does exceptionally well at retail? Cox won’t care.

“We’ll somebody else can do that. I don’t want to be known as Mr Castlevania, and we don’t want the team to be known as the Castlevania team. Working in a creative industry, you’ve got other projects and other ideas you want to work on. And that’s something that we and Mercury Steam want to do. We want to work on other projects. We’ve got other ideas.

We’ve always felt that when we were given the Castlevania torch, so to speak, that it was never ours to keep. Luckily we got the chance to do our thing, but we were surprised by the success of our game and weren’t sure that we were going to get the chance to do another one. That’s why there’s the epilogue in the first. However, now that we’ve got the chance to finish the story we really want to do it justice and do something really special.

We kind of feel vindicated that the game did so well. It’s the best-selling Castlevania game ever. So that for us is vindication that we did the right thing.

If the game is sucessful I’m sure there will be pressure to do more, but the thing is, like I said, you have to think about legacy. What sort of legacy do you want to leave? I’m proud of the games we’ve made but we’ve got other things we want to do. Other worlds we want to explore. Other stories we want to tell.

We want to go out with a bang.”

So where to next, then? What’s there for the team to do after leaving Castlevania behind. Will they take the risk of developing a new IP? No, the firm wants to do a new Contra game.

“Like I said, I know there’s going to be pressure on us to do another Castlevania game, but I don’t want to rise to that pressure. I want to do something else. I love Contra. I’d love to do Contra. At Mercury Steam we’ve got an original idea that I think is really awesome. We’d love to bring that idea to market and I’m hoping that the success of Lords of Shadow 2 will allow us to do that.”

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  • nick

    castlevania lords of shadow has to be THE most underrated game ever made!
    finnally got back to it after so long, i played it for like 4 days when it came out than got stolen away from other games and have been back and forward to it ever since!
    still only about 3/4s of the way through but im freaking loving it!
    the combat system is freaking brilliant, why cant every game have a in depth complex customizable fluid combat system like this!?
    come on david, please dont leave castelvania the industry needs you!
    if they must leave i hope they create a new IP, and infuse the brilliant combat system of CLOS into that!