Wednesday, April 9, 2014
The Reasons Why Square-Enix Hasn’t Remade Final Fantasy VII

The Reasons Why Square-Enix Hasn’t Remade Final Fantasy VII

President and CEO Yoichi Wada has revealed why gamers haven’t seen the Final Fantasy VII remake they’ve begged, petitioned and lobbied for. Wada believes no other Final Fantasy game has been able to exceed the quality of the 1997 classic, and until that can happen, we’ll never see a remake.

According to a translated report by Andriasang, Wada was speaking at a recent shareholder briefing in Japan where he said presently Square-Enix “is not making Final Fantasy games that exceed the quality of Final Fantasy VII,” so if they were to release a FFVII remake right now, “the Final Fantasy franchise would be done with.”

The report also made known that SE staff would gladly remake the game, and they’d put all their efforts in to make it the best Final Fantasy ever released.

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  • nick

    so no FFVII remake till they outdo the game.
    so there going to release a HD remake to it once people have lost interest in it…….
    really does this guy ever listen to himself?
    its confirmed, wada has totally completely lost his mind!
    $E really should fire him, they need some fresh boots and someone who is still in touch with his sanity, and more important their fans!

  • nick

    hate to sound like a old man here, but square died the day they merged to enix!

  • Ernice Gilbert

    I don’t think it’s bad they’d like top FFVII before actually doing a remake. But if it’s taking too long, they’ll have to forget about it. I think making a remake has its benefits, too. What if it turns out to be a stellar outing, the popularity of Final Final would grow immensely, paving the way for future titles. Even FFVII-2s, and what not.

  • nick

    of course its a bad thing.
    only reason people want a remake is because its by far the best FF game ever released!
    if they released a game better than that, than it defeats the purpose of doing a remake!
    only reason why people want HD remakes of past games is because there far better than todays versions.
    DN3D for instance, you really think people would be asking for a HD remake of that if DNF turned out the best DN game?
    hell no!