Monday, September 9, 2013

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Fan remakes FF VII in 2D


And the result looks awesomely retro. Unearthed by Kotaku, Lucas Brown is an Australian web developer who is building a 2D version of the RPG classic. Because screw HD remakes, y’all, you bored him out. Brown says he’s remade the menu and battle systems in “excruciating detail,” and he’s hoping to have at least the first mission finished and playable ... Read More »

Kojima To Square-Enix: Remake Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII. The title alone evokes fun memories of Cloud and the gang. I’d deem it the best RPG ever made, but the better part of me would cling to Final Fantasy X. The former game was a PSone exclusive, and up till this day, gamers are begging, literally, for a remake. But is Square-Enix listening? Nope. However maybe ... Read More »

Remaking Final Fantasy VII Is Toriyama’s Dream

We know what game in the Final Fantasy franchise is the most popular. The mere mention of it and fans reverse into history thinking of PSone days when Final Fantasy VII made its grand entrance. But don’t think for one moment that the fans are the only ones vying for a remake, no no, FFXIII’s director Motomu Toriyama would love ... Read More »

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