Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Final Fantasy VII is up on the PC, and we got its achievement list, which looks dull

Final Fantasy VII is up on the PC, and we got its achievement list, which looks dull

Square Enix released the PC version of Final Fantasy VII on its Square Enix Store, which includes cloud saving and achievements among other new features. We’re presenting you with the list of its achievements, which, frankly, do not look all that exciting:


  • End of Part I: Complete the first part of the game
  • End of Part II: Complete the second part of the game
  • End of Game: Complete Final Fantasy VII
  • Master Materia: Reach the maximum level of any Materia
  • Master of Gil: 99,999,999 Gil
  • Top Level: Reach level 99 with any character
  • Knights of the Round: Get materia Knights of the Round
  • Omnislash: Get Cloud’s last Limit Break
  • Catastrophe: Get Barret’s last Limit Break
  • Chaos: Get Vincent’s last Limit Break
  • Great Gospel: Get Aeris’s last Limit Break
  • Highwind: Get Cid’s last Limit Break
  • Final Heaven: Get Tifa’s last Limit Break
  • All Creation: Get Yuffie’s last Limit Break
  • Cosmo Memory: Get Red XIII’s last Limit Break
  • Slots: Get Cait Sith’s last Limit Break
  • Bahamut Zero: Get materia Bahamut Zero
  • Ultimate Weapon: Defeat the Ultimate Weapon
  • Diamond Weapon: Defeat the Diamond Weapon
  • Ruby Weapon: Defeat the Ruby Weapon
  • Emerald Weapon: Defeat the Emerald Weapon
  • Vincent: Get Vincent on your team
  • Yuffie: Get Yuffie on your team
  • Materia Overlord: Master all Materias
  • Battle Square: Start a battle in Battle Square
  • Golden Feather: Get a Gold Chocobo
  • Won First Battle: Win your first battle
  • Braver: Use Cloud’s first Limit Break
  • Big Shot: Use Barrett’s first Limit Break
  • Galian Beast: Use Vincent’s first Limit Break
  • Healing Wind: Use Aeris’s first Limit Break
  • Boost Jump: Use Cid’s first Limit Break
  • Beat Rush: Use Tifa’s first Limit Break
  • Greased Lightning: Use Yuffie’s first Limit Break
  • Sled Fang: Use Red XIII’s first Limit Break
  • Dice: Use Cait Sith’s first Limit Break

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  • nick

    FF what now?

  • foxton

    how come they didnt put any trophies on the PSN version?!
    TO be honest i dont think the trophy list looks that bad there mostly story related, i mean what did you expect?
    Maybe would of been nice to see some related to the chocobo racing and breeding aspect or some other of the side quests but lets be honest this game is deep enough and to get to level 99 with a carachter your gonna have to play for a serious amount of time to get all of them anyway!
    Man just looking at this list makes me wanna play this game like mad. If they have trophies for the ps3 version id deffo get it
    oh and Nick what the hell does that mean?

  • http://www.starblindgames.com Christos Chatzisavvas

    The PSN version is a straight port, as with all PSOne Classics. This was reworked a bit to enable triggers for the achievements.