Friday, August 22, 2014
Final Fantasy VII Remake Is No Illusion; It’s Happening – Rumor

Final Fantasy VII Remake Is No Illusion; It’s Happening – Rumor

Final Fantasy VII? Conduct a survey and you’ll find that about 90 percent of gamers who’ve played the game will declare that it’s the best in series. So it comes as no surprise that, for years, a remake of the popular JRPG has been literally begged for by fans far and wide. Yet to everyone’s dismay, Square-Enix has persistently resisted.

That may be about to change according to a new rumor making headlines. NeoGAF user and industry insider Verendus responded to a quote made by Yoshinori Kitase, who told Eurogamer last week that such a project would take a lot to happen, downplaying the notion that the game is being made somewhere deep down in one of SE’s labs.

But Verendus begs to differ, posting on NeoGAF that: “It’s happening. He’s obviously not going to give any indication as such though so it hardly matters until they’re ready to announce something. His comments make sense. It’s a huge project that will take a lot of effort, and demand a lot from him personally, in order to ensure the end result is something satisfactory.”

So is Verendus legit? The answer’s yes. Also, you can’t simply make baseless claims on NeoGAF as you’d likely get banned. So posters must verify sources (no less than two), when making such claims. I’d say don’t get too excited yet because, after all, we’re dealing with Square-Enix here. But don’t completely blot out a remake of Final Fantasy VII out of your mind, either.

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  • foxton

    Hmm i’m still not convinced and wont get my hopes up just yet as this always rears its head every 6 months or so. I would say though that this would be arguably the most anticipated game ever. I honestly couldnt think of any other game that deserves a remake more than this. FFVii truly was an epic game!

  • ernicegilbert

    I knew you’d comment on this, Foxton! Writing the article I thought, “this is news Foxton would like to hear”. But yeah, if it’s indeed coming, it won’t be tomorrow, of next year — or even the year after. Sadly, such is the nature of Square-Enix.

  • Zedr

    No just no!!!!!!