Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Secret Team Working On Final Fantasy VII?

Secret Team Working On Final Fantasy VII?

Over at Square-Enix JP, there’s a secret team working on an unannounced title, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts producer Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed.

“There is also a secret team working on an unannounced title, so there is a chance that some information about that will be announced this year too, please continue looking forward to these announcements,” Nomura told Famitsu (translated by

So what could this secret game be? The title could be anything, to be honest, as SE is more than just a JRPG developer these days. But could it be the much-rumored Final Fantasy VII remake?

Pipe dreams, Ernice, Pipe dreams.

Thanks, Videogamer.

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  • foxton

    Ha ha please dont get my hopes up on something that is much more likely to be something else than a remake of this. Until they actually come out with a release date for a remake then im just gonna ignore everything associated with it as theres no point getting my hopes up, im pretty sure this is now dead in the water and dobt it will ever matrialise, still we can dream :)

  • Ghost250

    well tomorrow is the 15th anniversary of FFVII so it would make sense.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Foxton: Yes, we’ll continue to dream.

  • Ernice Gilbert

    @Ghost: I didn’t know that! Fingers crossed…

  • nick

    oh lord, can we just let this rest already?
    out of all the rumoured things this gen this has to be at the top!
    i think its time to just let it rest, its NEVER going to happen!
    id put my money on a new IP.
    it wont be KH3 because the team who will do that is doing versus, i cant see them doing 2 games at once, and i cant see $E putting a different team on it so i doubt will be seeing it for a long, long time.
    next gen probably.
    i wish id be a new IP, set in a SCIFI universe like FF.
    thats only thing i loved about XIII just the scientific futuristic local and feel the game gave off, id love to see a RPG adventure game like the witcher 2 but set in a SCIFI universe like that.
    2 styled games ive really developed a crave for, that and a more traditional fantasy RPG like the witcher 2 but with more visceral combat like dead island.
    but the more SCIFI one more.
    its a shame rising got changed so much, that was looking to be the perfect game to me!
    SCIFI setting, mixed in with the stealth tactical gameplay from MGS.
    sigh, konami why did you have to butcher it!?

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:


  • nick

    theres dreaming, and theres being realistic.
    no point dreaming on things that are never going to happen!
    i dream that naughty dog will go back and do a crash bandicoot remake, but i know that will never happen.

  • foxton

    Nick when you get old you are going to be a very grumpy miserable man ;)

    Ernice Gilbert Reply:

    @Foxton: LOL. Also, see this post:

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