Monday, September 23, 2013
Obsidian Working On Fallout 4?

Obsidian Working On Fallout 4?

Obsidian, the Fallout: New Vegas developer is working on a “unique next generation game,” and is now hiring people with a passion for RPG and action titles. Sounds like something related to Fallout, wouldn’t you say?

As spotted by OXM, the level design job listing confirms that the studio’s working on a next-gen title, with responsibilities such as, “Planning and populating missions/quests, scripted sequences, encounters, challenges and rewards.”

The job listing also says that, “Experience working on games with role playing elements”, would be a benefit.

OXM notes that Obsidian’s art director Rob Nesler has had a next-generation project listed on his online portfolio for a while now, and he’s been working on the game since 2012. He calls it an “Unannounced Next-Gen Console title.”

Anyone wants to guess what it is? I’m going with Fallout 4. You?

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  • Alex3fleming

    I hope Bethesda are making Fallout 4, would prefer Todd Howard and his team working on it.

  • Ghost250

    I hope not, fallout 3 was a WAYYYYY better game than new vegas.

  • ernicegilbert

    True, but Vegas was decent effort, wasn’t it?

  • Ghost250

    it was decent but not better than 3 though. but this is a debate with no clear winner. a lot of people love 3 and a lot of people love new Vegas i personally align with 3.

  • Mabaram

    FNV was at least 10 times better than F3 as far as story and atmosphere of fallout goes.

  • Ghost250


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